15 Must-Have Plugins for Your Minecraft Server

15 Must Have Plugins for Your Minecraft Server

The Minecraft server industry is a big deal, with the biggest servers attracting tens of thousands of users and generating millions of dollars in revenue. Minecraft servers are also a terrific tool for gamers all around the globe to interact and play with one another for buddy groups. While vanilla Minecraft servers are fun to play on, server owners may utilize several tools to further modify, manage, and improve their servers.15 Must-Have Plugins for Your Minecraft Server

Plugins are server-side installs that allow you to make changes to your server without requiring players to install anything. When it comes to constructing a publicly accessible server for a huge player base, they are far more adaptable than modifications. There are tens of thousands of distinct Minecraft plugins that can be downloaded, much like the servers themselves. Because no two plugins are coded in the same way, each one accomplishes something somewhat different.

15 Must-Have Plugins for Your Minecraft Server

With this in mind, selecting the appropriate plugins to install may appear daunting. 15 of the greatest and most helpful Minecraft server plugins will be featured and discussed in this article.

1). Vault

Vault is at the top of this list, not because it has a lot of spectacular effects or a lot of commands like some of the other plugins… Vault, on the other hand, is the server plugin’s bread and butter. Vault is a must-have plugin for any server with an economy, permission structure, or ranks – in fact, any server with plugins at all should have Vault on their list of must-haves.

This is due to Vault’s ability to manage interactions between other plugins and keep the backend working smoothly. It offers a foundation for chat customizations, economy systems, user permissions, and much more! Essentially, it will serve as the foundation for all of your economy, store, minigame, main game mode, permission, and other plugins. It’s also a simple-to-install plugin that most other plugins will be able to simply integrate with without any additional effort. Because most plugins rely on Vault, it’s highly recommended that you include Vault in your plugins folder regardless of what you’re installing.

Vault Plugin may be downloaded here.

2). EssentialsX

EssentialsX will, of course, be included in any list of plugins. This tried-and-true plugin has been serving many a Minecraft server for years, and you’d be hard-pressed to find one that doesn’t use it. EssentialsX adds over 100 helpful commands to your server, including /teleport, /sethome, /warp for players, /ban, /mute, /tempban for admins, and a variety of utilities including /feed, /heal… There just isn’t enough room in this article to describe all of the features that Essentials offers!

Essential’s large configuration file allows you to personalize your server to nearly any degree you can think of. It also includes features for players like creating personal homes, creating server-wide common warps, player nicknames, and crucial server regulation and moderating tools like kick, tempban, mute, and jail. Essentials also include fundamental server features including a built-in economy, sign shops, chat, world security, and more that can be developed with other plugins but may also be used on their own.

Vault is a strict requirement of Essentials, therefore be sure to include it in your plugins folder before installation!

Here’s where you can get the EssentialsX Minecraft Server Plugin.

3). Holographic Displays

Huge, expansive signs and text walls are so 2012. If you want a clean, attractive, and informative server, Holographic Displays is a must-have plugin. Holograms are extremely useful for navigation and information, and they may be placed almost anyplace. They may also be structured to look great if you have an artistic eye, and they’re easy to put up with only a few commands.

You may now render pictures and things within the holograms in subsequent versions, giving your server the elegant information boards it deserves. Animated rainbow hues and customizable motions are also available in certain extensions. Basically, if you have any information you want to display, whether it’s instructions, regulations, or navigational directions, you can do so without ever having to deal with unsightly signage!

Holographic Displays can be downloaded here.

4). Luck Perms

LuckPerms is one of the newest and finest permissions plugins on the market right now, allowing administrators to handle complex permissions, groups, rankings, and all associated metadata. You’ll be able to provide unique rights to each position after creating ranks and prefix/suffixes for distinct groups of people.

This is tremendously helpful for server owners who are trying to set up a public server with a large number of participants. After all, you can’t allow all players to use /ban, otherwise, your server would quickly become a fascinatingly chaotic environment. LuckPerms is also unusual in that it has a stylish, elegant webUI that allows server owners and admins who aren’t familiar with the lengthy command arguments that come with rank setting to effortlessly establish and edit all of the server’s groups.

Overall, LuckPerms is a versatile, user-friendly, and dependable permission plugin.

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LuckPerms may be downloaded here.

5). ClearLagg

ClearLagg was created with the primary purpose of eliminating server lag in mind. It includes plenty of crucial features for preserving server ping and minimizing the latency that comes with having tens of thousands of entities spread around the globe hogging resources. ClearLagg may add entity limiters to a server, limit mob spawning entirely, find portions with severe latency and abuse, and periodically clean entities from the server itself.

Administrators can also use the instructions to manually clean away mobs and entities if necessary. You may customize everything about this Minecraft plugin, including which mobs are cleared, how frequently Clearlaggs run, and whether pets, tamed monsters, and named mobs are cleared. The plugin allows you to see, monitor, and optimize everything that influences the ping and RAM utilization of your server. It’s also really light for all of its features (in fact, it’ll definitely increase your server’s speed…) and supports several languages.

ClearLagg may be downloaded here.

6). MultiVerse

Multiverse is a server plugin that allows you to build and administer several worlds on the same server. You may construct several worlds of various varieties, each with its own seeds and generation, with only one command. You may use this to make different worlds for different game modes and purposes, such as creative worlds, super flat worlds, admin/testing worlds, and so on. (However, we advocate using a BungeeCord or equivalent solution for different game modes)

You may block particular worlds for specific players and set up separate permission systems in each world thanks to Multiverse’s rich permissions features. It also includes a number of optional plugins, such as Multiverse Nether Portals, which can be used to construct portals to the end and nether at any time, and Multiverse Inventories, which can be used to give players various inventories in different worlds.

Multiverse is available for download here.

7). World Edit

We’d be negligent if we didn’t add Worldedit, unquestionably one of the most crucial tools for Minecraft creators all across the world. Worldedit and its addons, such as FAWE, are essential plugins for nearly every sort of server available. In layman’s words, it’s a Minecraft world editor that allows users to choose and edit vast regions, copy and paste pieces with ease, and employ shaped tools and brushes for cylinders, spheres, smoothing, and more.

Of course, a full description of all of its features would require a separate post – we could easily fill one with just Worldedit! Worldedit is very simple to learn and use, yet it has enough flexibility and features for expert builders to create incredible creations.

World Edit may be downloaded here.

8). Auctions

Auctions is an excellent plugin to include for player engagement within your server’s community, as well as for bolstering a robust economy by allowing your players to trade and determine the value of objects among themselves. If your server is open to the public and has an economy, there’s practically never a reason not to use this plugin.

It has an auction house where users may list things for other players to bid on. Players can either list items for specified pricing or list them for bidding, with the highest bidder receiving the item after a certain amount of time has passed. The plugin is preconfigured, with an intuitive user interface, fully customizable messaging, and the ability to whitelist or prohibit products for the auction house.

It also has a category search option within the auction house, as well as the ability to sell damaged products, which is unusual among auction house plugins.

It requires vault and any other economy plugin to work because it is a significantly economy-driven Minecraft plugin.

Auctions can be downloaded here.

9). Lottery

This is an excellent Minecraft plugin for stimulating your server’s economy and providing an incentive for your users to move money around. To function, it necessitates the use of Vault and any other economic plugin. Administrators will be able to design lotteries, and players will be able to buy tickets and check the current lottery status. The individual who wins, just as in a genuine lottery, will get the whole prize pool.

Each command has its own permission node, allowing you to control which players have access to it.The plugin is also very customizable, with options for determining how long each lottery runs, ticket pricing, bonus pot amounts, and even refunding ticket fees.

Lottery can be downloaded from here

10). Head Database

We’ve all seen orchards with blocky red apples dangling from the branches, or counters piled high with fluffy, steaming loaves of bread. What you might not realize is that these are constructed with the player skull block, which can be used in a variety of ways. A healthy sprinkling of player skulls in any structure may take it to the next level of intricacy, as any skilled builder knows.

Head Database is one of the most powerful plugins for collecting player skulls, with over 25,000 skulls to choose from. It has a classified GUI where you can pick up skulls straight away, as well as a search tool where you can discover everything from a sack of spices to a computer monitor to spice up your projects.

Download Head Database from here.

11). Fast Async WorldEdit (FAWE)

Fast Async WorldEdit, or FAWE for short, is used to boost the performance of the WorldEdit plugin. This plugin is also handy if you have other plugins that rely on WorldEdit; it will improve the performance of your server by optimizing WorldEdit to utilize the least amount of CPU and memory. Even on the slowest option, which favors server speed above the WorldEdit command, the plugin is quick at its duties.

Infinite /undo commands, rapid backups, and rollbacks in case something goes wrong, expansive modification of billions of blocks extremely quickly, and much more sophisticated capabilities are all added to WorldEdit by FAWE. With these powerful features, relatively simple ideas like terrain and block noise may be applied to thousands of chunks at once without degrading your server’s performance much. 

Overall, even if you aren’t going to use WorldEdit to change an entire continent’s worth of land, the performance advantages are worthwhile for any Minecraft server that uses WorldEdit. To go a little more technical, the default replacement mode is chunk replacement, which is why it performs so well. 

Fast Async WorldEdit can be downloaded from here.

12). World Guard Minecraft Plugin

Running a public server may be a difficult endeavor if griefers and trolls appear on a weekly basis, if some are interfering with your spawn and others are crashing the server or harming the server’s economy with exploits, then WorldGuard is the plugin for you! WorldGuard is a large plugin that guards against all types of grief, such as users smashing blocks, using TNT cannons, and other forms of abuse.

WorldGuard is a comprehensive Minecraft plugin that provides you with complete control over practically every feature of your server, which is quite useful. Beyond simply removing items from use or prohibiting certain mechanics, the plugin allows you to create zones of areas in your worlds and server’s spawn, add customized game rules, and give your players certain potion effects or buffs in other zones, as well as other general quality of life benefits. When you install this plugin, it resets all of your settings to their defaults. This also implies that you may install the plugin anytime you want and configure it later at your leisure and as needed. Because the WorldGuard API is also used by other plugins, this plugin is a must-have for practically every server! 

World Guard Minecraft Plugin can be downloaded from here.

13). CoreProtect

If we’re talking about plugins that provide rollback and protection features, we’d be negligent if we didn’t include two outstanding plugins that are bundled together in a comparable package. CoreProtect is another must-have plugin for any Minecraft server, regardless of its purpose or game mode; it captures and handles the data of each and every block modification on your server with little performance delays and provides thorough and informative backups. Additionally, rollbacks initiated while the server is operating are swift and reasonably lag-free, even from the perspective of the server’s own players!

From being able to accurately and efficiently log incredibly basic actions such as flipping a lever or opening a door, to tracking the flow of liquids associated with the player(s), to being able to rollback by the player, a specific block type, or even in a general region around you, the possibilities are endless. CoreProtect is a must-have plugin for every public server simply because it makes securing your players’ lands so much easier. There are approximately 200 additional commands, as well as a comprehensive list of mix-and-match tools for detailed building.

CoreProtect can be downloaded from here

14). ViaVersion

With the release of new Minecraft versions, servers become obsolete, and many would require the most recent upgrade to remain relevant to users on newer versions of the game. However, upgrading a large enough server takes time, and losing a substantial portion of your player base due to a server falling down where people are playing frequently may be devastating. Some versions of the game, on the other hand, are noted for having superior or worse capabilities.

Some PvP servers, for example, continue to function on 1.7 since it is thought that the fighting mechanics and hit detection were best designed on that version of the game. Overall, while we may debate a myriad of minor flaws or rationales for playing different versions of the game, this plugin, Viaversion, solves any difficulties that may arise by allowing older servers to be forwards compatible with newer Minecraft clients. With this helpful guide, you can learn how to construct a Minecraft resource bundle.

ViaRewind and ViaBackwards, on the other hand, perform the reverse by being backward compatible with earlier clients and server versions. Either one or both of these plugins will reduce the need for a major server upgrade redesign until large-scale updates like 1.17’s Caves and Cliffs are online and available! Not only does this feature increase the period between updates, but it also allows you to reach a wider audience with any version of the game!

ViaVersion can be downloaded from here

15). OldCombatMechanics

Now, speaking of alternate versions for better PVP battles, if you’ve been playing Minecraft for as long as I have, you’ll remember the old spammy fighting system that PvP servers seem to like. The mere prospect of seeing a surprise zombie or sneaky creeper and hoping that the mass spam I unleash on their faces would drive them away makes my pulse race.

Relive those times with OldCombatMechanics, a plugin that allows you to have a more traditional fighting system on your server. This plugin provides tools that allow you to make a bunch of modifications that are similar of the game’s pre-1.9 edition, prior to the Combat Update. Many servers use the Viaversion plugin to obtain the best of both worlds! With the addition of elytras, netherite, and fantastic quality of life additions to the current and contemporary versions of the game, many servers use this plugin to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Right-clicking with a sword immediately provides you a shield, armor is as powerful as it was before 1.9, and weapon cooldown has been abolished, so spam away! You can bring back a sense of nostalgia for your older gamers while also introducing a new battle mechanism to your newer players using OldCombatMechanics!

OldCombatMechanics can be downloaded from here

That concludes the list! Plugins are a fantastic way to improve your server’s and Minecraft’s experience in a variety of ways. They can either provide unique features to a boring vanilla world or just build on the framework of a normal server. In any case, these plugins will undoubtedly assist you in some manner.

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