Cat in Minecraft

Cat in Minecraft

Cats are tameable passive mobs found in swamp cottages and settlements. Every 1200 ticks, cats can spawn (1 minute). A random participant (including spectators) is picked, and a random site is chosen 8-32 blocks distant horizontally in both directions and at the same height from the player. If the block is less than 2 pieces from a settlement with less than 5 cats, or within a swamp hut, a Cat in Minecraft.

Untamed cats will spawn in villages if there are at least five claimed beds within 48 blocks and no more than four cats within a 971797 box centred around the spawn point. Cats that spawn when a village is created do not despawn, but any new cats that spawn within a village do. The arrival of a village cat is random, however black cats can only spawn during a full moon. [Only available in Java Edition] The spawning of cats in villages is a different mechanism from the natural spawning of passive mobs, hence the Creature mob cap has no effect on it.

Cat in Minecraft

A hamlet in Bedrock Edition generates stray cats on a regular basis to fulfil a quota of one cat every four owned beds, with a maximum of five cats for 20 or more owned beds. For this reason, only owned beds (those currently claimed by a villager) are counted. All cats, including kittens, cats that stray in from the outside, and even domesticated cats owned by a player, are counted within the settlement bounds. If the number of cats detected falls short of the quota, the community attempts to spawn one cat or kitten within a 16 6 16 block radius of the village centre. (This is the same volume that is utilised when an iron golem is spawned by a village.

During world generation, a wild black cat and a witch co-create in swamp houses. This cat does not despawn. Additional black cats, like witches, can spawn within the hut, but they require a grass block to do so. Other cats that spawn within the witch house (from spawn eggs and instructions without the cat type set) always spawn as black in Java Edition. If there is already a cat within a 16816 block volume, a new cat will not spawn in the hut. Kittens account for 25% of all cats. 50% of cats that spawn during a full moon are black.

Adult cats drop the following items:

Strings 0–2. Looting has no effect on this drop.

When a player or tamed wolf kills you, you get a 1–3 rating.

1–7 is dropped after a successful breeding.

Killing a kitten, like killing other baby animals, offers no item or experience.


Cats are impervious to fall damage, although they nevertheless avoid falling down cliffs that would typically inflict injury. Even if a player has the Invisibility status effect, cats may see them. Kittens behave similarly to adults, with the exception of a higher rate of movement. They hiss at phantoms chasing a player at the moment. [Only for JE] Even while following a player, creepers and phantoms stay a distance of 6 and 16 blocks from any cats, respectively. A creeper that has started detonating, on the other hand, will not run till the player leaves its explosion radius.

Stray cat

Untamed cats are referred to as stray cats. Cats that are naturally generated always spawn as stray cats. Unlike wild wolves, stray cats have the ability to reproduce spontaneously. Chickens, bunnies, and newborn turtles are pursued and attacked up to 15 blocks away. Despite the fact that they spawn in communities, they do not always stay there; instead, they explore.

They rush away from any player within 7 blocks (unless the player is sneaking [BE only] or the difficulty is set to peaceful [JE only]) and stay away from anybody within 16 blocks. They do, however, approach a player carrying raw cod or salmon within 10 blocks slowly, allowing the player to feed and tame the creature (see Taming below). The cat runs and does not attempt to approach the player for a few seconds if the player moves, turns too rapidly, or stops holding the fish when within 6 blocks.

Tamed Cats

Tamed cats do not stay stationary for long until they are told to , and they will explore the area surrounding the player. A cat that isn’t currently sitting tries to go on top of chests, the foot section of beds, or active furnaces within a 4-block-radius square horizontally at the cat’s current Y-level, and once on top, typically enters a sitting position without the player’s instruction. If the blocks are at ground level, a cat will occasionally try to sit on them. Unless the cat is instructed to stand, a chest with a cat sitting on top of it becomes useless. Cats that are sitting alone can be told to stand, or they may get up if the player is holding a raw fish nearby. The cat can also be brought down by removing or pushing the block away. A cat can also be relocated forcibly if it is attacked. A cat will not sit on a block that is partially obscured by a block above it.

Cats, like other mobs, enter neighbouring vessels and become trapped.

If a player gets wounded by a hostile mob or a damaging potion but not by environmental damage, a cat sitting nearby stands, travels a few blocks away from the person, and then sits again.


Tamed cats gravitate toward their owner and sleep near them when the player sleeps. When the player wakes up, so do their domesticated cats. A domesticated cat has a 70% chance of giving the player a present when they wake up, but only if the player naps at night (if the player sleeps during a thunderstorm during the daytime, or if the tamed cat has been ordered to sit, the player receives no gift).

Both the cat and the present are situated in the approximate region of the player’s bed, including on the opposite side of walls or floors, when a cat offers a gift.

Only the tamed cat that naps on the player may deliver a gift if the player has many standing domesticated cats in the area. If all standing domesticated cats in the area are unable to reach the player (for example, by being stuck in minecarts or boats), each cat has a 70% chance of dropping a gift, however only one cat will do so.