Enchantments in Minecraft

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In Minecraft, enchanting is how you boost your combat power and protection. Almost all weapons and equipment may be enchanted with extra abilities and bonuses, giving you an advantage not only in combat but also in everyday Minecraft life.

You won’t be able to enchant your weapons and armour on your first night because it takes some time and requires some uncommon resources. It’s still worthwhile to strive toward enchanting as soon as possible because it makes everything much easier. That being said, there’s a lot to consider, so let’s get started.

Enchantments in Minecraft

In Minecraft, how does enchantment work?

Right-click on an Enchanting Table and place the item in the first slot to enchant it. You will be given three enchantment options from which to choose.

To access the various enchantments, place 1-3 lapis lazuli in the second slot (top enchantment requires 1 Lapis, middle requires 2, bottom requires 3).

Hover over each charm to discover the kind and level of the enchantment. Then, to apply the desired enchantment to your object, click on it. It’s as simple as that!

Building the enchantment table

To begin, you’ll need to assemble your table. You’ll need one book, two diamonds, and four obsidian blocks to complete this task. To power the table, you’ll also need lapis lazuli. None of these products are difficult to locate, but it may take some time.

To get a book, you’ll need to use leather and paper to make it. Paper is made from sugar cane, which is easily found near water in a swamp or desert biome. Leather is obtained by killing cows, a popular mob species found in meadows.

Once you have your sugar cane, arrange the pieces in a horizontal row in the crafting area in equal numbers, then collect the paper that results.

Make a book out of your leather and three pieces of paper. As long as each piece of paper is independent, you can arrange them in any four blocks in the 3×3 crafting table space.

Mining is the best technique to obtain lapis lazuli, diamonds, and obsidian. Bring a pail of water, torches, food, and weapons.

Find a pool of standing lava and pour your bucket of water into it once you’ve collected your diamonds – you’ll need at least two. Obsidian will be created, which will require at least a diamond pickaxe to mine. You’ll need at least four obsidian blocks.

Keep an eye out for lapis lazuli throughout everything. This dark blue ore may be found just about anywhere. You’ll need lapis lazuli to manufacture enchantments, so the more you can acquire, the better.

It’s time to use a crafting table once you’ve gathered all of your ingredients. In the 3×3 crafting area, you’ll find:

  • In the top-middle slot, place the book.
  • Place the diamonds in the second row’s left and right slots, leaving the central slot open.
  • Fill the bottom row with obsidian after placing the obsidian in the middle-center position between the diamonds.

You now have an enchantment table that you can utilise right now. It’s worth noting that if you wish to relocate it later, you’ll need a pickaxe; punching it will destroy it.

Enchanting Items in Minecraft

  • Check to see whether you have everything. This includes any enchanted equipment, weapons, or armour, as well as a good supply of lapis lazuli and a good number of levels. You’ll need more levels if you intend to enchant a lot.

  • Approach and turn on your enchantment table. Right-click, hold down the left trigger, and tap the screen. Open your enchantment table to this screen using any way you like.
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  • In the left-most box, put the object you want to enchant. If you just have a limited number of levels, it’s essential to be judicious about what you enchant first. A diamond pickaxe, in my opinion, is the best option.

  • Fill the box to the right of the item box with your lapis lazuli. Depending on the power of the enchantment you choose, each enchantment will cost you 1 to 3 lapis lazuli.

  • Select the spell you desire. You’ll be offered three alternatives to pick from, ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. The higher the quality of your enchantment table, the better your enchantment options will be.

  • Enjoy and put to good use. Collect your magical buffs and collect your enchanted item!

Disenchanting Items in Minecraft

When interacting with a Minecraft Grindstone, just place your enchanted object in any of the two input slots to disenchant it.

It can also be used to combine two identical items to create a new item that has the combined durability plus an additional 5% up to the item’s maximum durability. Both things will be consumed during this process, and any enchantments on both will be removed.

You’ll get the experience points you spent on the enchantments back if you remove enchantments with the Grindstone in Minecraft using either of the above techniques, allowing you to roll for another enchantment at an Enchantment Table.

Grindstones can be found in Minecraft communities, especially at the Blacksmith’s workshop.

List of all enchantments

  • Aqua Affinity

Increases the pace of underwater mining.

  • Bane of Arthropods

Damage is increased and an effect is applied. Spiders, cave spiders, silverfish, endermites, and bees move slowly.

  • Blast Protection

Reduces the amount of damage caused by explosions and knockback.

  • Channeling

Only works during thunderstorms and channels a bolt of lightning towards a hit target.

  • Cleaving

Increases damage and stuns the shield.

  • Depth Strider

Increases your ability to move underwater at a faster rate.

  • Efficiency

Increases the pace of mining. Increases the likelihood that axes will stun a shield.

  • Feather Falling

Reduces the impact of a fall.

  • Fire Aspect

Sets the target ablaze.

  • Fire Protection

Reduces the amount of fire damage and the amount of time it takes for a fire to burn out.

  • Flame

The arrows light the target on fire.

  • Fortune

Certain block drops are increased.

  • Impaling

Mobs that spawn in the ocean take more damage.

  • Infinity

Regular arrows are not used when shooting a bow.

  • Knockback

Knockback is increased.

  • Looting

The amount of loot dropped by mobs is increased.

  • Loyalty

After being hurled, the Trident reappears.

  • Luck of the Sea

Increases the chance of getting good stuff.

  • Lure

Reduces the amount of time it takes for the rod to get a bite.

  • Multishot

Fires three arrows for the price of one.

  • Piercing

Arrows pass through a number of different entities.

  • Power

Increases the damage done by arrows.

  • Projectile Protection

Reduces the amount of damage bullets cause.

  • Protection

Most sorts of damage are reduced.

  • Punch

Increases the knockback of arrows.

  • Quick Charge

Reduces the time it takes for a crossbow to charge.

  • Respiration

Increases the amount of time you can stay underwater while breathing.

  • Riptide

When tossed, the Trident launches the player with itself; it only works in water and rain.

  • Sharpness

Increases the amount of damage done.

  • Silk Touch

Mined blocks fall to the ground by themselves.

  • Smite

Increases the damage of sweeping attacks.

  • Sweeping Edge (Java only)

Increases the damage of sweeping attacks.

  • Thorns

When hit, portion of the damage is reflected.

  • Unbreaking

Increases the item’s longevity.

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