Evoker in Minecraft 

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Evoker in Minecraft 

The Evoker is a Minecraft mob that belongs to the Illager mob type, which is the polar opposite of Villagers. Evokers, like other Illagers, may be found in raids, but they can also be found in Woodland Mansions, where they drop a highly rich prize if you can defeat them Evoker in Minecraft .


Woodland Mansions

Individual Evokers will spawn within a Woodland Mansion upon its first creation and will not despawn unless the environment is adjusted to the Peaceful Difficulty. They can’t resurrect in these Mansions once they’ve been slain.


Evokers will infrequently spawn as raid captains, with a flag on their head that will fall off when they die.

Up to 5 Evokers can spawn during raids. Evokers will appear starting at wave 5, and if the world is on the Hard mode, Evokers will spawn riding Ravagers during wave 7.


Evokers attack all kinds of creatures, and if the player gets too close to stop them, the Evoker will escape between assaults to maintain its distance.

The Evoker uses a variety of magical spells, some of which are dependent on what is nearby.


This assault is signalled by the Evoker’s hands spewing dark purple potion particles.

The Evoker’s main magical attack is to summon fangs that erupt from the earth and bite the enemy. These fangs can appear in a variety of shapes and sizes surrounding the Evoker, doing 6 damage or 3 hearts. These fangs usually stay on the ground, but if the victim is higher up, they can be called up stairwells.

Normally, fangs are summoned in a straight line in front of the Evoker, but if the target is close, the fangs are called in a huge circle around the Evoker.


This assault is signalled by the Evoker’s hands spewing white potion particles.

The Evoker can call Vexes around it if there are few or no Vex adversaries around. These Vexes have the ability to fly and pass through blocks, surprising the prey.

Sheep Color Conversion

This assault is signalled by the Evoker’s hands spewing orange potion particles.

When the Evoker is not in battle and in close proximity to a Sheep, it can cast a spell to change the colour of the Sheep’s wool. Only blue Sheep will be affected, and the colour of the sheep will change to red.


There are a couple ordinary drops on the Evoker. It can drop up to 1 Emerald and an Ominous Banner if it is a raid leader. It will also give you ten EXP.

The Totem of Undying is the most crucial drop. An Evoker will always drop one, and if the player dies while holding it, the Regeneration and Absorption potion effects will instantly restore them.


The Illager the Illusion is comparable to the Evoker. It even wears a headgear that looks like the one worn by the Illusioner in Minecraft’s “Meet the Evoker.”

The Sheep colour change spell is a nod to the game “Age of Empires,” in which priests may transform opposing units into friendly ones, changing their colour in the process.

When altering a Sheep’s colour, the Evoker even produces the same sound as in the game. This is only conceivable because Microsoft owns both Minecraft and the game “Age of Empires.”

Evokers are referred to as evocation Illagers in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft’s code.

How do I get away from the Evoker Fangs?

Evoker fangs may be avoided by being two blocks above or below the Evoker or by just being far enough away. Fangs can only traverse one block down or up at a time.

Is it possible to have the Evoker not change the colours of the Sheep?

Yes! The Evoker cannot change a Sheep’s colour if the Mob Griefing gamerule is set to false. However, this does not function with Minecraft’s Bedrock Edition.

How many Undying Totems can I summon?

The Undying Totem has no bounds. Even if it breaks when used, you can keep using it as long as you have enough. This implies you can utilise your whole totem inventory at once.

Is there a way to get accomplishments from the Evoker?

The Evoker only has one unique accomplishment, the Feeling Ill achievement, however it is linked to the Monster Hunter achievement, Monster Hunter progression, and Monsters Hunted advancement. When utilised, the Totem of Undying it drops grants the Postmortal advancement or the Cheating Death accomplishment.

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