Fill Command Generator (Bedrock Edition)

by Mcpedlminecraft
Fill Command Generator (Bedrock Edition)


Constructing something in Minecraft can take a long time, and sometimes a player’s block selection isn’t perfect, requiring them to change out their bricks for others. This normally takes some time as players break down and replace blocks, but thankfully, a console command exists to help with this.

The /fill command, which is present in all current Minecraft versions, can help you quickly replace blocks. It allows players to save a large amount of time by breaking and manually replacing blocks.

The terminology can be a bit confusing at times, and it varies depending on which version of Minecraft is being used, but the return is well worth the effort.

How to use the /fill command in Bedrock Edition of Minecraft

Here’s how to change blocks in Minecraft Bedrock Edition so you can receive a new one instead of an older one.

Players should check to see whether their cheats are enabled before using the /fill command. This may be done in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition from the world edit menu when creating a world or from the settings option in-game. At the bottom of the world edit menu is a little slider titled “Enable Cheats,” which may be clicked to enable.

However, keep in mind that this may block accomplishments until they are removed, thus those looking for achievements/trophies should be cautious.

Players in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition can access their chat console in-game and write out their command once cheats have been enabled. The command to replace blocks (in Bedrock Edition particularly) presently has the following syntax:

/fill [tiledata] replace

The syntax of this command has so many arguments that it can be a bit perplexing for people using it for the first time. It’s worth delving into each argument and what it necessitates:

From – The replacement block’s initial x/y/z coordinates. To – The replacement’s final x/y/z coordinates. Tilename is the name of the tile block that will be used to replace the area (for example, minecraft:cobblestone for a cobblestone block) Tiledata – This is an optional block selection if particular Tilename blocks have many variations. Replaces all blocks in the region, including air blocks, allowing Minecraft players to spawn in blocks in otherwise empty, air-filled locations. ReplaceTilename – The replacement block’s name. Replacedatavalue – Similar to Tiledata, this is an optional input for alternative block versions.

The following is an example of how to use the /fill command to replace blocks:

/fill ~5 ~ ~8 ~-20 ~-1 ~-20 minecraft:diamond_block 0 replace minecraft:grass 0

This command will replace all grass blocks with diamond blocks between the coordinates of 5, 8, and -20, -1, -20.

For those new to the command prompt, the fill command takes some getting used to, but it’s a vital tool for producers on both Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and older versions.

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