How to create a golden apple in minecraft

How to create a golden apple in minecraft

Well, you might have seen or heard about the golden apple in Minecraft from your friends,and you must have felt like creating one such golden Apple in your Minecraft gameplay after hearing of its extra effects and auspiciousness in Minecraft. How to create a golden apple in minecraft

Golden apple does have an impeccable status in Minecraft’s survival mode. You do get to an enriched level in survival mode after you consume it. It can either promote you to the Regeneration ll or Absorption position in Minecraft’s Survival mode. 

So let’s get on with the process of creating or crafting a golden Apple in Minecraft, in order to regain that special position in survival mode as well as to show off your enriched status in front of your friends after processing a golden Apple. 

How to create a golden Apple in Minecraft? 

Before moving on to the process of crafting a golden Apple in Minecraft, there is something that you should consider. The golden Apple feature does exists in the below given Minecraft versions, these are Java Edition(PC/Mac)-(1.3.1), Pocket Edition (PE)-(0.12.1), Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10 Edition, and Education Edition. 

If your Minecraft software is associated with the above given editions, then you just need to follow a really simple guide to avail that special golden Apple in your gameplay. 

And if you do not have access to the above given version, then upgrade your edition to possess a golden apple and its following benefits. 

Crafting a golden Apple in Minecraft

Here’s a simple and quick guide to craft a golden Apple in Minecraft. 

Well, when we talk of crafting something, we do need some basic elements to craft that final  product. Here as well, you do require an apple and some golden ingots (or golden biscuits) to  craft a golden Apple(virtual). This thing does sound like creating a real golden Apple by combining the two possible materials. 

Here we begin to craft our golden Apple in Minecraft;

  1. Go to the Crafting menu

This is the very first step towards crafting a golden apple in Minecraft, go to the crafting menu and open the crafting table. 

There you will find a 9 box grid, appearing in the shape of a square( or much like a face of a rubix cube). 

Now that you have found the square grid, you would have understanded the idea of listing an apple and 8 gold ingots. Yeah, you got it all right but that is what we got to perform in the other step. 

  1. Arrange the items in the grid

Now that you have figured it out, we need to put all the items in the square grid consisting of 9 boxes. You just need to arrange all the enlisted elements in the fridge to acquire the golden Apple. 

You cannot simply put all the elements in the grid, as it does need an order of arrangement to produce the required result. 

So here’s how you need to arrange the elements in the grid for crafting a golden apple.

First of all you need to arrange the 8 golden ingots alongside the outer linings of  the structure. 

Suppose, we start placing the 8 golden ingots from the bottom left corner of the structure and move in anticlockwise direction by placing the other 7 golden ingots alongside the outer layering of the ingots. Thus placing all the 8 golden ingots alongside the outer layering of the square grid. 

In other words, you will have three golden ingots in the top layer of the structure, two golden ingots in the second or middle layer, placed in the left and right edges of the middle layer, and three golden ingots in the bottom layer. 

Now that we have occupied all of the given spaces excluding the center box, that is  exactly where you need to place the apple.

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So, this was the alignment that we need to follow to acquire a golden Apple. 

Thereafter the golden Apple will appear in the box  adjacent to the 9 box grid. 

Here you have completely crafted a golden apple from 8 gold ingots and a apple by placing them in a specific arrangement given above. 

Still you need to follow another step for finally accessing the golden Apple in your Minecraft gameplay. 

So let’s move on to the final step for accessing the golden Apple in Minecraft. 

  1. Placing the golden Apple in the inventory

You need to move the crafted golden Apple to the inventory column given below. 

Then only you would be able to access this golden Apple in your Minecraft gameplay and  use its special status in survival mode to regain an enriched level such as Regeneration ll, and Absorption. 

We can easily move the golden Apple from the crafting area to the below given inventory column by dragging the crafted golden apple to the inventory column. 

Once you have placed the golden apple in the inventory, you are all set to show off  this enchanting element in front of your friends  and use its overwhelming status to regain some real levels. 

So this was all about crafting a golden apple in Minecraft, check out the given articles for assistance in pulling out various other effects and transitions. 

What are the disadvantages of  golden apple in minecraft ?

There is no such disadvantage of the golden apple in minecraft. Enchanted golden apples, however, are one of the most powerful items in the vanilla game and have no crafting recipe.

What are the advantages of the golden apple in minecraft ?

  • Most players know how to breed and tame horses in Minecraft. However, one nifty trick that a lot of players might not know is that horses can be fed golden apples in order to improve their taming chances by 10%. If this wasn’t enough, golden apples can also be used to speed up the growth of baby horses by an entire 4 minutes.
  • Golden apples are likely something that players will have on hand while traversing into the dangerous Nether, making them a great option for this achievement.
  • Players can craft a banner with a pattern officially called “Banner Pattern Thing” by using an enchanted golden apple.
  • Golden apples are, by far, one of the best items that players can utilize to their advantage in order to make the process of fighting and defeating the Ender Dragon leagues easier.Enchanted golden apples allow players to be protected from fire and give them powerful health regeneration and damage absorption effects, which are all extremely useful when going up against the fearsome dragon.
  • Golden apples are so important in PvP that they can often determine the winner of the battle right off the bat.

What are the effects of golden apples in Minecraft ?

The golden apple provides:

  • Absorption I for 2 minutes (providing 4 points of absorption health)
  • Regeneration II (1 every 25 ticks, × 0.4 per second) for 5 seconds (long enough to heal 4 points of damage)

Is the golden apple worth it Minecraft ?

A golden apple restores about half of your saturation bar in one fell swoop. It also gives you 2 hearts over the span of 5 seconds, and gives you two more hearts (so you can have up to 12 hearts) for 2 minutes. It can be a lifesaver, and is best eaten just before and during a hard battle.

Can you give a wolf a golden apple in Minecraft ?

When you give you’re dog a golden apple, they turn into a Greatwolf. Which are about double the size, take 1 heart more of damage, and have double the HP. Dog’s easily die, but the Greatwolf does not.

Is a golden apple better than a golden carrot in Minecraft?

Golden Carrots are the second most nourishing food item in the game, healing six Hunger Points each. However, they don’t have any additional affects, unlike the Golden Apple. Golden Carrots’ being used for Potions of Night Vision is based on the myth that carrots improve vision.

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