How to make a Pufferfish in Minecraft

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How to make a Pufferfish in Minecraft – 

Pufferfish are interesting creatures, and now they’re in Minecraft! One of these fish may be found swimming about in most Lukewarm or Warm Oceans. However, you must be aware that the Pufferfish has a biological defensive mechanism built in.

The capacity of these fish to expand their own bodies is legendary! Thankfully, in the world of Minecraft, this functionality has been faithfully reproduced. These fish may appear little and unidentified at first glance, but be certain that going too near to one will cause it to expand! Pufferfish possesses deadly barbs in their inflated condition that will infect the player with a mild toxin. How to make a Pufferfish in Minecraft

How to obtain Puffer Fish


Fishing is the only way to get pufferfish. Lure can boost the capture rate of pufferfish, which minimises wait time in general.

Pufferfish can only be caught in Bedrock Edition when fishing outside of jungle biomes and variations (i.e. everywhere except in jungles).

Loot from the mob

Guardians and elder guardians

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When Guardians and Elder Guardians die, there’s a 2.5 percent chance they’ll drop a random fish. There’s a 13% possibility this is a pufferfish (0.325 percent chance of dropping a pufferfish). The likelihood of catching a fish increases by 1% every level of looting, however the sort of fish does not change.

To craft Bucket of Pufferfish in Minecraft, you will need the following:

  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Pufferfish

Step 1: Go to the crafting menu and choose the Crafting Grid.

How to make a Pufferfish in Minecraft

Step 2: If you don’t already have one, make one.

How to make a Pufferfish in Minecraft

Step 3: Look for a Pufferfish in surrounding oceans! Water should be added to your Bucket.

Step 4- Once you’ve located your target, go over to it with your bucket and catch it!

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