How to Make an Enchanted Netherite Sword in Minecraft

How to make an Enchanted Netherite Sword in Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial includes step-by-step directions for making an enchanted netherite sword. Enchanting a netherite sword gives it new abilities in Minecraft. An enchanting table, anvil, or a game command can be used to add enchantments to things.

Materials needed to create an Enchanted Netherite Sword

These are the components needed to make an enchanted netherite sword in Minecraft:

How to Make an Enchanted Netherite Sword in Minecraft

lapis lazuli

3 Lapis Lazuli

netherite sword

1 Netherite Sword

Netherite Sword Enchantments

You may enchant a netherite sword with the following enchantments in Minecraft:

Bane of ArthropodsIncreases attack damage against arthropods
Curse of VanishingCursed item will disappear after player dies
Fire AspectSets target on fire
KnockbackIncreases knockback dealt (enemies repel backwards)
LootingIncreases amount of loot dropped when mob is killed
MendingUses xp to mend your tools, weapons and armor
SharpnessIncreases attack damage dealt to mobs
SmiteIncreases attack damage against undead mobs
Sweeping EdgeIncreases damage of sweep attack
UnbreakingIncreases durability of item, in effect, by decreasing the chance of the tool, weapon, or armor taking durability damage when used

The Netherite Sword’s Enchantment Process

  1. Open the Enchanting Table first.

To begin, open your enchanting table so that the Enchant menu appears as follows:

2. Make the Netherite Sword enchanted

Place the netherite sword in the first box of the Enchant menu. Then, in the second box, insert three lapis lazuli.

TIP: In Creative mode, the lapis lazuli does not need to be placed in the second box.

The enchantment slots will offer up to three enchanting possibilities once you’ve placed your netherite blade and lapis lazuli in the two boxes. Each enchantment will have a number on the right that represents the amount of experience levels required to unlock and view it (this is not the cost of applying the enchantment).

The finer the enchantment, the higher the experience points necessary to access it. If you don’t have enough levels, you may always kill creatures or use the /xp command to gain extra experience points.

The cost of the third enchantment is 3 lapis lazuli and 3 enchantment levels, and it says Knockback II when you hover over it (ie: 3 levels on your experience bar). Knockback II is one of the three enchantments available on the enchanting table.

Choose the enchantment you want to use on the netherite sword.

Your lapis lazuli and experience points will be expended after you’ve chosen an enchantment, and the netherite sword will glow purple. You can observe the charmed sword’s new abilities by hovering over it.

You can put the netherite sword back into your inventory now that it is an enchanted netherite sword.

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