How to Make an End Crystal in Minecraft

How to make an End Crystal in Minecraft

With the release of Minecraft 1.18, many players will return to the open-world survival game to try out new features. Because they will be playing the game for the first time, they will most likely want to face the Ender Dragon to finish it. As a result, they should be well-versed on End Crystals.

In Minecraft 1.18, there are several forms of harmful goods that behave as super-powerful weapons. Some may be made with common materials, while others must be found in the wild, although none are as powerful as End Crystals.

When players reach the End realm to battle the Ender Dragon, they destroy the End Crystals in order to injure the Ender Dragon and prevent it from repairing itself. However, there is a lot more to them than first-time players may realise.

How to Make an End Crystal in Minecraft

End Crystals crafting recipe and applications

End Crystals may be found naturally on the main End island. They appear organically on top of each obsidian tower. While the crystals can be destroyed, they cannot be broken and acquired. As a result, players can only obtain End Crystals by constructing them themselves.

To craft an End Crystal, players will need the following:

Eye of Ender – Combining Ender pearls

Blaze rodsGhast tear – Obtained by killing Ghasts

Glass blocks

Once all of these things are obtained, players can use a crafting table to create an End Crystal. The Eye of Ender can be put in the centre, with the Ghast tear immediately beneath it and glass blocks around it.

The End Crystals will be available to the players after crafting. Remember that an End Crystal may only be placed and interacted with on an obsidian or bedrock block.

End Crystal Applications in Minecraft

The primary purpose of naturally formed End Crystals in Minecraft is to restore the Ender Dragon’s health. They are positioned on top of the obsidian towers, and when a player hits the Dragon, they regenerate its health. End Crystals, however, have other use.

Players may respawn the Ender Dragon after crafting End Crystals by laying End Crystals on the Bedrock Fountain. This allows the players to re-fight the dragon.

End Crystals are also popular weapons, with many gamers employing them in attacks against other players or monsters. End Crystals are considered one of the most dangerous weapons in Minecraft since they cause a massive explosion when utilised.