How to make Mycelium in Minecraft

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How to make Mycelium in Minecraft – 

How to make Mycelium in Minecraft - 

Mycelium is an extremely uncommon kind of soil that can only be found in the biomes of mushroom fields. It features a particle effect that seems like small spores are continually being expelled from the surface. Mycelium may be mined with a tool that has the Silk Touch enchantment on it. It dumps soil when mined with any other instrument or by hand. The quickest way to gather it is using a shovel. Mycelium is a Minecraft block that looks like soil but is organically formed on the surfaces of mushroom fields biomes. Mycelium blocks are commonly disregarded by gamers since they appear to be nothing more than soil with a spore-like appearance on top. Mycelium, on the other hand, is a very useful resource that should be picked up the next time a player comes across a mushroom field biome. How to make Mycelium in Minecraft – 

Mushrooms and fungus can be grown on mycelium regardless of the amount of light available. This is a one-of-a-kind feature that allows gamers to store these blocks and even grow massive mushrooms under less-than-ideal circumstances. Mycelium is a spore-releasing variety of the common soil block that can be difficult to obtain in some Minecraft seeds. It is found naturally in mushroom fields. Because players may not wish to transport a full Minecraft biome’s worth of mycelium, cultivating the block is an alternative that will likely save them from making several visits to the mushroom fields. Mycelium just needs nearby soil blocks and a light intensity of nine or higher above it to spread. For the mycelium to spread, the dirt blocks will need a light level of at least four.

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Creating a mycelium farm in Minecraft

Making a simple mycelium farm in Minecraft Before beginning a serious mycelium farm, Minecrafters will require a few blocks of mycelium. In Creative Mode, this is simple, but Survival Mode players will need to use a tool enchanted with Silk Touch to collect mycelium blocks in a mushroom fields biome. The mycelium will just drop a dirt block if mined without Silk Touch, hence the enchantment is required.

Users will want to find an open space to plant their farm once they have at least a few blocks of mycelium. Ensure that the farm receives clear sunshine, since light levels are critical for mycelium spread, and artificial lighting can be difficult to deploy throughout.

Make a huge square perimeter for the farm foundation out of a solid non-grass or earth block such as wood, stone, or other similar material. Dig/mine any inner blocks inside the perimeter limitations to create a one-block deep hole.

Fill this hole with soil blocks, then lay at least two mycelium blocks on top of the dirt blocks in the farm’s centre. To boost the light intensity at night, Minecraft players may surround and cover these mycelium blocks with fencing laced with candles or lanterns.

This is the most basic method of mycelium farming. The mycelium blocks on top of the farm’s core will gradually spread across the surface of the dirt blocks over time. Minecrafters may dig out the mycelium blocks and replace them with soil blocks once the mycelium has fully spread. It is critical, however, to leave the uppermost mycelium blocks in the middle alone, as removing them will stop the mycelium from spreading.


Within one space above, one space sideways, or three spaces below, a mycelium block can spread to any soil block. The mycelium requires light levels of 9 or higher above it, while the dirt requires light levels of 4 or higher above it and must not be obscured by any light-blocking or opaque blocks. When mycelium is covered by one of the light-blocking blocks above and the light level is below 4, it reverts to dirt. When a random tick lands on the block, the death and spread behaviors are seen. When mycelium spreads to a soil block with a plant on it, the plant bursts out and drops as an item.

Minecraft users will need to obtain some mycelium bricks before they can begin playing with them and using them to their full potential. Mycelium blocks, like soil blocks, may be shattered with any instrument or by hand. Mycelium bricks damaged this way, on the other hand, will only drop soil blocks. To really acquire mycelium bricks that can be gathered by breaking them, a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment must be used.

Mycelium may also be obtained in an ingenious method by leveraging the mechanics of an Enderman mob. Endermen can pick up a mycelium brick using their hands. Minecraft players that kill one of these monsters while holding a mycelium block will receive a mycelium block as a drop from the mob. Players may also use the physics of how mycelium spreads to make new mycelium blocks. So long as the mycelium is above light level nine and the soil is above light level four, a mycelium block can turn neighbouring dirt blocks into mycelium.

It’s worth noting that mycelium-converted soil blocks will return to dirt if they’re covered by a light-impending block above them or the light level dips below four. Players should use great caution while using this mechanism, as a block of mycelium planted in another biome has the potential to spread rapidly.

Minecraft players will be able to employ mycelium bricks for some of their most valuable uses after they have collected some. Mushrooms may be put on mycelium blocks regardless of the ambient light level in the game. This is a one-of-a-kind trait that only podzol blocks have.

This implies that by using mycelium blocks, gamers may grow their own massive mushrooms at any light level. All a Minecraft player needs to do is lay down a mycelium block in the chosen spot, set a red or brown mushroom on top of the mycelium block, and then treat the mushroom with bone meal. A big mushroom can come to life as long as there is an open three-block radius around it and a seven- to nine-block radius above it. Fungus may also be grown on mycelium blocks at any light intensity, making storage more convenient in any area.

Path in the dirt

Any form of shovel may be used to convert mycelium into a dirt path.

The impact on plants

  • Mushrooms and fungus may survive at any light level on mycelium blocks, unlike on ordinary blocks, where mushrooms are destroyed (and dropped as objects) after block updates in high light.
  • Mycelium, like earth, grass, or podzol, may support massive mushrooms.
  • To create farmland, mycelium cannot be tilled with a hoe.
  • It may, however, be turned into a dirt road using a shovel and then tilled with a hoe to produce farmland.


Only mooshrooms can spawn on mycelium, according to popular belief. This isn’t the case; the mushroom island biome prohibits other creatures from spawning there. In other biomes, friendly and hostile monsters can spawn on mycelium just like they can on any other block. Also, mycelium outside of mushroom fields does not spawn mooshrooms.

Outside of mushroom fields, mycelium does not generate mooshrooms.

Mycelium is the portion of a fungus that collects nutrients and is made up of web-like threads called hyphae. Mycelium is the fungus’s root system, whereas mushrooms are its fruits.

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