How to own a bell in Minecraft? 

How to own a bell in Minecraft? 

Bells are not some sort of stuff that you see in every regular Minecraft house or  shelter, but still it looks utterly soothing to add a bell to your place in Minecraft. Moreover, it also fills the empty space of your place. How to own a bell in Minecraft? 

In this blog we will  be knowing about ways of adding a bell to your space in Minecraft. 

So let’s begin the process of adding a bell here. 

But before we move onto the process, let us get a quick look at the different editions of  Minecraft that support the process of adding a bell to your space in Minecraft. These editions  of Minecraft are; Java Edition(PC/Mac)-1.14, Pocket Edition(PE) – 1.11.0, Xbox One- 1.11.0, PS4- 1.91.0, Nintendo Switch 1.11.0, Windows 10 Edition- 1.11.0, Education Edition- 1.12.0

How to own a bell in Minecraft? 

So if you own one such edition then you are all set to add a bell to your space in Minecraft.  Or if you do not own such then maybe you need to move to a more fresher edition of Minecraft for enjoying more effects and features. 

Bell is something that you cannot make in a furnace or crafting table, rather you need to search for this thing and get it from there on. 

You are most likely to find a bell in a village, more specifically in the center of the village. 

Villages in Minecraft deploy bells to inform the people about a serging attack or anything serious that may be a fire or something else. 

Adding a bell to your home 

You can easily add a bell to your house or shelter by erecting it from a village. 

After that you  have found the bell  from the village, you only need to erect it from there and add it to your house or shelter. 

Though erecting a bell from a village isn’t as easy as you think. You have to use the right tool properly for picking it from its original location. 

In case you try to erect with a regular tool then the bell can even get damaged. Then that bell would be of no use either to you or to the villager. 

A perfect tool for erecting the bell from the center of the village is a pickup axe. A pickup axe will pick out the bell from the ground without destroying the bell. 

In case you didn’t have a pick up axe then you  can easily add it to your collection by following this link to add the pick up axe in minecraft-

How to add a pick up axe in Minecraft? 

If you think that using a pickup axe is all you need to do then you are probably wrong, cause even after erecting the bell from the ground, the task will only be half completed. 

As you have removed or erected the bell from the ground, you also need to pick it up for successfully adding it to your inventory. 

Now that you have added the bell to the inventory in your Minecraft gameplay, you can now place it somewhere in your shelter  or house. 

For placing the bell in your house, you need to get back to your house and then select the place where you want to arrange it. That place may be at the side corner or the centre depending upon your choice and understanding. 

After you have selected the position and location of the bell, you can add it to that place or space by following the respective action for adding an item. 

Yeah, the actions for performing a significant action in different editions of Minecraft does differ from each other. 

Here you finish the process of adding a bell from the village in your home or shelter. 

So that was all about adding a bell to your house in Minecraft. 

There is a thing that we ignored following in the above given guide. We forgot that the bell was there in the village for some reason. Basically, it was there to alert or inform the villagers about a seeming danger. So that they can prepare themselves for that attack or something else. 

Neither was it ethical to steal a bell from the  village that provides a  meaningful action to the well settled system of living there. 

If you have changed your mind from getting the bell from the village then there is another process of getting a bell for your shelter in Minecraft. 

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The other process involves buying it from another person or salesman. A smithman is the one who can provide you with the bell. 

Before finalizing the deal and other stuff you need to keep in mind that first of all, you need to average the level of selling various  things, for that either you will have to buy some simple slitems from him or to provide sone items  to him in exchange for money. 

To finish this condition, one you must be possessing enough items and the other one  must have some money for dealing with the exchange of items. 

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