How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft 

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How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft

Minecraft is full of interesting and beneficial items, and one of them is the bow. It can be used to hunt for food, defend oneself from hostile mobs, or even take down different gamers in multiplayer mode while taking part in Minecraft Servers.However, bows are delicate matters and will get damaged after every use. This means that they have to be maintained and repaired frequently if you favor them closing long enough to be of any actual use.Undoubtedly, the bow is one of the most frequently used weapons in Minecraft. Moreover, it can be used to assault mobs with the use of arrows, giving the most harm of 9 HP. However, it loses its magnitude once the enemy equips armor. Hold down the right-click button to cost a bow and launch to shoot the arrow.

Learning how to repair a bow in Minecraft, or any piece of tools really, is an extraordinarily vital section of this game. It might also no longer appear like a particularly essential feature for the duration of your first few hours in the world, but as you go via the recreation and accumulate or craft extra powerful gear, you’ll begin to understand its importance.

It commonly hurts to destroy an exact Diamond Pickaxe or Sword, but losing one of these that additionally takes place to have an enchantment on it is genuinely devastating. You can then again keep away from this anguish, . if you examine how repairing works in the game. Make sure you go thru Minecraft Building Ideas as well. Luckily, it’s surprisingly effortless and less costly for players to restore a bow in Minecraft. This quick information will give an explanation for certainly everything players want to know about repairing their bows in Minecraft.

Why do the bow breaks?

Yeah! I know it feels so demanding when your bow breaks in the middle of the game. You must be thinking, why do the bow breaks in Minecraft? However, you need to recognize that’s how video games work. Every object in Minecraft has a precise HP (hitpoint), and it goes down as a good deal as you use the things.

When you use your bow excessively, it loses its stats. Eventually, the bow runs out of all health, and as a result, it breaks. You will want to repair it or craft a new one to make it work. Crafting and repairing are the two approaches that I have defined in this article.

What Kind of Bow Can You Repair in Minecraft?

Before we bounce straight into the repairing part, you need to know a little bit more. Suppose you have been taking part in Minecraft for a while. You will see there are two kinds of bows. One of them is a Normal Bow that usually comes with regular abilities.

You can use it quite often in game for exclusive purposes. The other one is referred to as an Enchanted Bow. It is the one that comes with multiplied powers. It permits the gamers to get much higher matters than the regular ones due to the fact of their abilities.

Anyways you need to comprehend that both of these bows can break with use. You will need to repair them to preserve the usage of them in the game. For your information, you can restore each Regular Bows and Enchanted Bows in Minecraft, which makes the sport even more fun.

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3 ways to Repair Minecraft Bow

The three techniques for repairing a bow in the Minecraft recreation involve only a few convenient steps to help you get over the irritating situation.

The first method includes the usage of an anvil, for which we’ll be needing iron ingots and iron blocks. And the 1/3 one is by way of using a grindstone.

The second approach includes the use of a crafting table, a workbench with three-by-three grid crafting space to craft weapons, armors, and tools. It is one of the must-have items.

  • Repair Minecraft Bow Using an Anvil 

In the Minecraft game, the Anvil is an amazing tool to have. You can use it for specific purposes, like upgrading and renaming items on your inventory. And above them all, it can assist you restore broken weapons and tools.

Using an anvil is a perfect technique to restore enchanted bows. If you have an anvil in your inventory, that’s great. But, if you don’t, that’s first-rate too. Since Minecraft has this wonderful concept of crafting, you can craft an anvil.

1) Craft an Anvil

To craft an anvil, you want to use some materials in your inventory. You’ll want at least 4 iron ingots and three iron blocks to craft an anvil and restore your Minecraft bow.

Follow the below steps to get commenced and craft an anvil:

  • Open a crafting desk of 3×3 grid.
  • Now, drag and drop the iron blocks in the first row. Then, drag and drop an iron ingot in the center of the second row. Finally, drag and drop the last three iron ingots in the ultimate row.
  • As a result, you’ll have an anvil ready to use.
  • Drag and shop the anvil to your inventory.

2) Repair Enchanted Bow with Anvil

As quickly as you’re achieved crafting an anvil, you’ve accomplished 1/2 of the job repairing your bow. Now, all you need to do is follow the below steps and get your hands on a repaired, greater long lasting enchanted bow.

Repair Minecraft Bow with an Anvil by:

  • From your Minecraft inventory, open the anvil.
  • Drag and drop the bow in the first slot. Then, drag and drop the bow repairing material in the 2nd slot.
  • Just a little wait and the anvil will get your bow repaired except ruining its enchantment.

The correct issue about the usage of an anvil for repairing your bow is, upon combining two enchanted bows, it’ll provide you a more durable and powerful one. And if you combine an ordinary bow with an enchanted bow, the resulting bow is enchanted with extra durability.

  • Repair Minecraft Bow Using a Crafting Table

If you don’t have ample iron in your inventory, then no worries! You can constantly use this crafting table technique for repairing your Minecraft bow. You ought to already have a table in your inventory. But, if you don’t find it. You just want at least 4 woodblocks to craft a table.

1) Craft a Crafting Table

  • Open your Minecraft inventory.
  • Drag and drop all 4 woodblocks to the crafting area of the 2×2 grid.
  • On the right of the crafting section, you’ll see a crafting table prepared to be used.
  • Finally, drag the resultant table to your inventory.

2) Repair Bow with Crafting Table

Now that you have crafted the crafting table, let’s carry it to use and begin repairing the bow. It is vital to notice that a crafting table isn’t surely used to repair items. Therefore, the table will work through combining two bows of damaged condition, and the ensuing bow will be greater durable.

Follow the below-listed steps to restore your Minecraft bow with a crafting table:

  • Open the crafting table of the 3×3 grid.
  • Drag and drop two regular bows with the aid of side, in the crafting section.
  • On the right, you’ll see a repaired bow of excessive sturdiness and elevated stats.
  • Finally, drag the resultant bow from the crafting desk to your inventory.

The result might also now not be a new bow, however it’ll have combined and elevated stats of the historic ones. This technique works fantastic to repair a regular bow. However, with an enchanted bow, it’ll damage its enchantment and make it an ordinary bow.

  • Repair Minecraft Bow with a Grindstone

The third and ultimate method on our list to restore a bow is to use a grindstone. A grindstone is but some other beneficial item to have in your inventory when you’re looking to restore a bow. Just like an anvil and crafting table, you can craft a grindstone, too.

1) Craft a Grindstone

To craft a grindstone in Minecraft, the fabric you’ll want to appear for is a stone slab, two oak plants, and two sticks. Once you have the ingredients, comply with the steps and craft a grindstone.

  • Open the crafting table of the 3×3 grid.
  • Drag and drop the materials in the crafting section.
  • On the right, a grindstone will be crafted.
  • Drag the grindstone to your inventory.

2) Repair Bow with Grindstone

Once you have crafted a grindstone, all that’s left is to restore the bow. Similar to the 2nd method, this method additionally requires two bows to be placed in the grindstone slots.

Follow the steps under to restore your bow with Grindstone:

  • Open the grindstone through the inventory.
  • Now, drag and drop the broken bow in the top slot and some other bow in the bottom slot.
  • On the right, you’ll see the repaired bow.
  • Drag the everyday bow to your inventory.


Minecraft is absolutely one of the most popular games of the current era. The game’s special thought makes it stand among top competitors, even after years. And for this reason, the player being counted isn’t stopping at any point.

Minecraft’s adventures are what maintain a Minecraft player stick to the game. Minecraft has top notch weapons and equipment to assist you out on an adventure, where you combat enemies and hunt animals for survival. And one of these weapons is a bow.

A bow is the most fundamental weapon in Minecraft. But what if your bow breaks in two? How will you assault or defend? Well, that’s not a component to be involved with when we’re with you.


  • How many times can you repair a bow in Minecraft?

If the usage of an anvil, you can restore a bow till the restore expenses exceed 39, which then it will no longer work.

  • What materials do you need to repair a bow in Minecraft?

You can repair a bow in Minecraft using an anvil, a grindstone, or a crafting table.

  • Why cannot I repair my bow in Minecraft?

If you are making an attempt to restore your bow in an anvil and it says “too expensive” you will surely have to make a new bow and enchant it.

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