How to Use the Clear Command in Minecraft

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How to Use the Clear Command in Minecraft

How to Use the Clear Command in Minecraft

Minecraft players can benefit greatly from the use of commands. Within the game, there are activities and undertakings that can take a long time to complete, as well as things that take a long time to make and enchant (in the case of weapons and armor). Commands can make everything in the game easier to understand, which can improve the overall gaming experience, particularly for people who have played the game several times.

Clearing an item from a player’s inventory, including things dragged by the player, is done with the clear command. This is an excellent way to get rid of undesirable stuff without having to dig up a lava pit or find a storage facility. Here’s how to put it to good use.

For Minecraft Bedrock, here’s how you use the clear command.

Commands are entered into the conversation in Bedrock Edition, as well as any other version of Minecraft. They are triggered by the backslash key, following which the command is entered and sent. Other players in a multiplayer world will be able to see it.

Furthermore, the use of commands is not enabled by default in every Minecraft world. This will prevent accomplishments in that world, but it may be enabled in any other world. This can be done before or after world generation, and it can be done in world settings.

The clear command in Bedrock Edition has the following syntax: “/clear [player] [itemName] [data] [maxCount].”  The tags are for the following items:

The player parameter is optional, however it refers to the player whose inventory needs to be cleaned. The player who enters the command will have their inventory purged unless they specify otherwise.

The name of the object is also optional. It is the item that will be cleared, but if no item name is entered, the player’s whole inventory will be cleared.

Data is also optional. It refers to the item’s data value. If an item, such as wooden planks, has multiple types, it identifies the variety of the block.

maxCount is also an option. It is the maximum number of objects that can be cleared. All matched items will be cleared if this is left out.

Players should use caution when using this command to avoid accidentally clearing their inventory.

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