How to Use the WorldBuilder Command in Minecraft

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How to Use the WorldBuilder Command in Minecraft

The /worldbuilder command toggles the World Builder state for the player running the command (true or false) (see also /ability command). Regardless of the setting of the ImmutableWorld game rule (see also /immutableworld command), a player with the World Builder status of true will be able to place/destroy blocks in the world. Let’s have a look at how you may utilise this game command. How to Use the WorldBuilder Command in Minecraft


In order to use game commands in Minecraft, you must enable cheats in your world.

What does it mean to be a World Builder?

When it comes to construction in Minecraft Education Edition, there are two major options:

World Builder status – This is a player setting that, when enabled, allows a player to place and destroy blocks in a Minecraft world. (To alter this option, use the /worldbuilder or /ability commands.)

ImmutableWorld game rule – This is a world setting that controls whether or not a player who does not have World Builder status may place or destroy blocks in that Minecraft world. (To modify this setting, use the /immutableworld command.)

The following table shows how these two game settings interact:

World Builderstatusfor player ImmutableWorldgame rulefor world Can playerplace/destroyblocks?
true true Yes
true false Yes
false true No
false false Yes

Command for the WorldBuilder

Minecraft Education Edition’s Edu WorldBuilder Command

Toggling the World Builder state (true or false) for the player running the command in Minecraft Education Edition is as follows:


1.How to Execute the Order

To begin, open the chat window.

In Minecraft, the simplest way to run a command is via the chat window. The game control for opening the chat window varies depending on Minecraft version:

To launch the chat window on the Education Edition, hit the T key.

2. Start typing the command.

Use the following command to toggle the World Builder state.


In the chat window, type the command. You’ll see the command appear in the lower left corner of the game window as you type. To run the command, press the Enter key.

The current player’s World Builder status will be updated after the cheat has been input.

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