Impaling in Minecraft

How to use a mossy cobblestone wall in Minecraft? 

Minecraft is a tough game. If you have been playing this game for long then you will know by now that this game can get very hard very quickly, Impaling in Minecraft. In order to battle everything that the game throws at you and to win in the process Minecraft offers you enchantments. You can use different enchantments to get different results. Impaling is amongst one of several enchantments that you can use on your trident. However, before we get knee deep into the implaing enchantment let’s first understand what enchantments are properly. 

Impaling in Minecraft 

What is Enchantment in Minecraft? 

Enchantments are assets or bonuses that you can apply to your armour, weapons, or tools by using an enchantment table or an anvil if you already possess enchanted books. Enchanted books are very useful. If these books are near an anvil or an enchanted table then higher level enchantments and more enchantments are available for you to apply to your tools and armour. 15 bookshelves achieve the maximum level of enchantments.

When an armour or tool is successfully enchanted it will shine brightly like a potion for other players to know that you are holding an enchanted item in your hand. An enchanted item will display their level of strength and current enchantments on your screen in the inventory menu. Shovels, pickaxes, axes, swords, armour, and much more can easily be enchanted and used on mobs for maximum damage.

Now that we understand the basic functions of enchantments, let us understand what this impaling enchantment is and what it does. 

The Impaling Enchantment in Minecraft

To begin with, impaling is an enchantment that you can use on tridents. Doing so causes the trident to deal extra damage on each hit when facing aquatic mobs or any mobs in general that are in water. Each level of impaling deals an extra damage hit on your trident when used against enemy mobs. The only drawback of using this enchantment is that it can only work with a trident, and tridents are very rare to come-by. 

Tridents are an item in the Minecraft gameplay. They are very rare and a powerful tool to use underwater or in aquatic battles – since you cannot use a bow and arrow under water. Tridents have the capacity to deal drastic damage to aquatic animals. Players can also fly using the riptide enchantment on the trident on a rainy day.  

As discussed above, trident is a rare item which cannot be crafted. In order to acquire a trident to use the impaling enchantment you are going to have to defeat underwater zombie mobs called Drowned which are spotted more in deep oceans than rivers.. These mobs appear holding a trident, therefore, in order to obtain their trident you are going to have to fight them, be able to defeat them and hope for a chance of trident dropping; even though that chance is very low.

If you are playing the Bedrock edition then you have a slightly higher chance of trident dropping when you defeat a Drowned. You can also use Minecraft seeds to create an underwater world for a better chance of encountering Drowned zombies and defeating them. While battling a Drowned, you can boost your chances of obtaining a trident if you have already applied the looting enchantment. However, if you are playing the Java edition then you have a significantly lower chance of acquiring a trident from these mobs. 

Another way of acquiring a trident in Minecraft is to create a trident farm. Minecraft has a farm for almost all items. You can create a trident farm by spawning Drowned on a platform that is above the player. The Drowned are then funnelled into a specific killing area where they are slain by you in hope for obtaining a trident. If you are looking to create a trident farm then you’re going to need common items such as

  • Water
  • Chests
  • Glass
  • Wooden buttons or signs
  • Cobblestone
  • Slabs


There are a total of 7 enchantments available for tridents in Minecraft. Once you have a trident you can use one of these 7 enchantments to enchant your trident: Riptide, Impaling, Channelling, Mending, Loyalty, Curse of Vanishing, and Unbreaking.

How to Use Impaling Enchantment? 

Since we now know a great deal about impaling and trident in Minecraft, let us divert our attention towards how to use the Impaling enchantment in general. 

If you already have a trident then half of your job is already done. The other half is pretty simple as well. To use an impaling enchantment on your trident you are going to need an anvil and an enchantment table. Once you have your enchantment table all you have to do is open the table’s menu and place your trident in the empty box. You are also required to place some lapis lazuli for the enchantment to work. This will give you three enchanting options from which you can choose the impaling enchantment. Once you choose an enchantment of your choice your trident will be equipped with it and you can then transfer it into your inventory. 

You can use the impaling enchantment on your trident to exact more damage from underwater mobs such as drowned, glow squids, fish, etc. You can also use it to go exploring a few ocean monuments. Since these monuments are swarming with guardian and elder guardian you can use your enchanted trident to kill them, since these guardians are still aquatic mobs.


There you have it! Using enchantments in Minecraft can be a little confusing at first but we hope that we have helped you understand the process through this article. Impaling is a great enchantment to use if you like deep sea diving in Minecraft. Don’t forget to take a spin at it the next time you’re in front of your console playing the game.  

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