Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes

Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes

Color codes can be used to adjust the colour of dyed leather armour, change the colour of game text, and assign team colours. Format codes, such as bold and italic, can be used to change the appearance of in-game text.

The unique section sign map editor in Minecraft can be used to format all of the text. You must enter the section sign codes and know which ones to enter if you wish to paint or change text in Minecraft. If you run a server, you should be aware that all of your server’s text can be painted in any colour using the numerous Minecraft colour codes, and that each unique section sign is preceded by a hex code.

Minecraft Color Codes and Format Codes

Color Codes in Minecraft: How to Use Them

You must use the § symbol followed by your code to use Minecraft colour codes. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to look for the symbol; I’ll show you where to look.

  • If you have an Android phone, the § symbol will appear in the number keyboard above ABC.
  • If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to hold down the “&” key to utilise the § sign.
  • If you’re using a computer, press and hold the “Alt” key, then Numpad.

Minecraft Color Codes Generator

It’s a great feature to have in your game menu. It can be used to test different codes before implementing them in your game. If you wish to alter the colour of your text, you’ll need to know a few things, including:

  • Choose a colour code.
  • In Minecraft, make a sign.
  • Go into text editing mode now.
  • You’ll need to input the colour code you’ve chosen here. Remember to include the section sign before the colour code.
  • Fill in the blanks with your text, including any colour or formatting codes.
  • Then type the wording you want to appear on the sign. Make sure there isn’t any additional room.
  • To enter the codes into the text area, use the colour code buttons.
  • Below the preview field, these buttons will display. These buttons can be used to adjust the medium in which your newly generated text appears.
  • The Minecraft colour codes and format codes can be found below.

How To Make Colored Text In Minecraft

  • Make a new sign in Minecraft.
  • With the Section symbol and the colour code, type the text for your sign.
  • Let’s imagine you wish to change the colour of the sign to blue. Enter the following code:

§9test sign

  • If your sign extends beyond the first line, you must also input the colour code before the second line.

§9this is a long §9test sign

  • If you want to change the colour and style of your text, use the following code:

§9§osign text

  • The code above will generate purple italic sign text.
  • If you wanted to be more creative with the sign name and make it a two-line poetry, you’ll need to input the colour code again.

List of Color Codes


  • Color is Minecraft’s internal term for the colour.
  • The internal code for the chat colour in Minecraft is called Chat Code.
  • The “Message Of The Day” colour in Minecraft has an internal code called MOTD Code.
  • The color’s decimal value is the color’s decimal value.
  • The color’s hexadecimal value is hexadecimal.

 Formatting perimeters:


  • The format’s name is description.
  • The internal code for this chat format is Chat Code.
  • The internal code for this format in the “Message Of The Day” is MOTD Code.

Use of Minecraft Color Codes

  • To make your content appealing to the eye

These codes will allow you to change the colour of your text to whatever you choose. You will do so in order to make your writing more appealing. You can also use other people’s attention to direct their attention to your writing. With these lovely hues, your text will be intriguing and eye-catching.

  • Colors for the team to be assigned

Color codes in Minecraft are used for a variety of applications. A colour code can be used to assign a colour to a specific team. These colour designations make it simple to recognise one squad from another. In your gaming, you can distinguish a team by its allocated colour. It’s one of the most fascinating aspects of Minecraft’s colour codes.

  • To pique your players’ interest in your game

Users of Minecraft may find the use of the same colour for their writing to be monotonous at times. They begin to lose interest in their game. These Minecraft colour codes will aid in the development of a player’s interest in the game through the use of many distinct hues.

  • To make coloured leather weapons a different colour

Minecraft’s gameplay relies heavily on optimization. Players also desire to use Minecraft Color Codes to change the colour of their text. A user can modify the colour of already dyed leather weapons using Minecraft colour codes. This particular use of Minecraft colour codes is for leather armour.

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