Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

In Minecraft, seeds can make a world of difference (literally), and the desert biome is no exception. Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

The desert biome is a tried-and-true challenge with hidden gems. Villages, temples, outposts, gems, ravines, cactus, and destroyed gateways may all be found in deserts. It’s possible that these things are more well-known as a result of the open and easy-to-scan environment, but in the Minecraft world, this makes life easier.

These top village seeds will provide gamers with all of the characteristics they need, as well as a few more.

Minecraft’s top  desert seeds

#5 – A modest desert settlement… complete with cats! (Edition for Pockets)

For mobile Minecraft users, this seed creates a nice, modest desert settlement. The hamlet has a lot of resources and is a fantastic place to start a game.

Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

There are also cats in the village, which guarantees there aren’t any creepers lurking about.

This is a fun seed that all Pocket Edition gamers should try out, maybe with the goal of temporarily stealing a cat.

2006386677 (seed)

4 – There’s a settlement, a temple, and a lot of horses (Java)

This seed will produce gamers in the woods, but fear not! Only a few steps separate you from the desert! 

This seed includes horses, a temple (coordinates: -161, 71, 288), and a settlement (coordinates: -161, 71, 288). (with a blacksmith).

Here are some additional advantages:

A gateway that has been damaged (-308, 63, 636)

1st Village (-139, 70, 822)

Village No. 2 (33, 64, 716)

Outpost of the Pillager (100, 69, 341)

This is an excellent seed for folks who are new to Minecraft or who want to hurry through the game. It contains everything a gamer could want and should be played.

8678942899319966093 (seed)

#3 – Oasis in the Desert (Java)

This is a nice seed for all of the players.

Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

Players are spawned in a plains settlement surrounded by a desert in this seed. This is one of the more appealing seeds, since it allows Minecraft players to live in the desert while still having access to the amenities of a community.

When the player is ready to venture into the Nether, the hamlet also possesses a ruined gateway.

1051939900539129555 (seed)

#2 – A desert palace and a pillager outpost (Bedrock)

Players are spawned near a pillager camp close to a house nestled between a desert and a forest in this seed.

This is a difficult seed to grow, but it pays off handsomely. Both of these constructions have a lot of treasure, but they should be approached with caution.

Before joining the battleground, players who are new to Minecraft should conduct some study and practise their fighting abilities. Similarly, seasoned players should review their movements.

584841372 (seed)

#1 – An unusual savanna mountain with a hint of everything (Java)

This seed creates a tall, thin mountain in the middle of the desert sand (coordinates: -335.194, 64,-110.382).

Minecraft Desert Seeds for Bedrock Edition

The summit of this oddity would be ideal for a dwelling since it would provide protection from the frightening skeletons that congregate below at night.

This seed also has a jungle and a mesa biome, two of the game’s rarer biomes, directly in the player’s hands.

Here are a few more advantages of this seed:

Portal that has been ruined (475.217, 70.5, 210.281)

Temple in the desert (-341, 66, -435)

In the adjoining biomes, there are two communities.

-676569119515363 (seed)

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