Minecraft Eroded Badlands Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac)

by Mcpedlminecraft
Minecraft Eroded Badlands Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Minecraft Eroded Badlands Seeds for Java Edition

Minecraft Eroded Badlands Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac)

In this Minecraft Seed for Java Edition, spawn into a vast badlands biome. This seed, which can be found in Minecraft 1.13, contains a large badlands (mesa) biome surrounded by ocean and divided up by rivers and tributaries. There are several abandoned mineshafts, as well as various spots where railways and other normally buried equipment may be found on the red clay surface. Despite being near to spawn, we’ve added a few locations so you can jump right to rails, a mob spawner, and abandoned mineshaftsMinecraft Eroded Badlands Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Finding a unique biome when exploring the Minecraft universe is always exciting, especially when that biome is the stunning Badlands.

Badlands biomes are also known as Mesa biomes, which is how they were formerly labelled and how many Minecraft players still refer to them. Because to its sun-kissed colour palette and regular terrain creation, this biome always appears extremely stunning.

Aside from the breathtaking vistas, badlands biomes have a lot to offer. Mesas are known for having open mineshafts cut into the sides of hills and mountains, which are guaranteed to be full of interesting treasure.

Furthermore, because a badlands biome has a far higher likelihood of yielding gold, any player that goes mining in a mesa is likely to come out ahead.

Furthermore, the badlands biome is one of the most uncommon in the game, making it all the more desirable for Minecraft players to visit.

For players to test out, here are some fantastic Minecraft seeds that contain the badlands biome.

Great Minecraft biome seeds for the badlands

Trees and Ice Spikes in the Area

Seed: 4012

This seed easily generates players in the mesa biome, which is a much rarer event than stumbling upon one. Another unusual biome, a frozen ocean with stunning ice spikes, may be found just near to spawn.

Furthermore, this badlands biome has a forested badlands plateau, providing lots of trees for those who choose to play for survival.

Players will undoubtedly have a magnificent and successful Minecraft experience thanks to this fortunate landscape.

This seed is compatible with Java Edition 1.16 and perhaps earlier versions.

Stronghold spawn

Seed: 1913613885

In this seed, players will not only spawn at the edge of where the plains meet the mesa, but there will also be a settlement nearby for them to explore straight immediately.

The fortress just underneath the spawn spot adds to the allure of this seed. If the unusual biome wasn’t enough, there’s a small to none possibility of a fortress appearing upon spawn.

Those that enter the world in survival mode will be able to remain in the spawn area until the ender dragon is defeated.

This seed was discovered by Reddit user manngamania. Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16 includes it.

Helpful neighbors

Seed: -7280854709224541065

Another fantastic badlands biome seed was discovered and uploaded by Reddit user manngamania. The badlands biome is surrounded by really beneficial buildings and other biomes in this one.

Near the mesa, there are two seepage towns, one of which is almost at spawn. In this seed, players will find a vast jungle biome, another uncommon biome, and a dark forest biome with an equally magnificent scenery on each side of the lovely badlands terrain.

The fact that all three biomes are close to one other, as well as the communities, provides a wide range of resources.

There’s even a ruined gateway and a jungle temple nearby for Java Edition players to explore, making this seed well worth their time.

Manngamania even has its own YouTube channel, MinecraftSeedsEveryday, where they highlight some of the greatest Minecraft seeds they come across.

Structures galore

Seed: 2023267262

Players will not spawn in a badlands biome in this seed published on Reddit by user LordOryx, but it does not diminish the seed’s amazing abundance of perks.

There are 54 structures in total in this world, all within a 2000 block radius of the spawn location. There are 24 communities, 19 desert temples, 5 shipwrecks, three dungeons, and much more to explore.

But, most crucially, there is a gorgeous badlands biome nearby that also meets a rare mushroom biome. Plus, there’s no doubt more where that came from, far beyond the spawn radius of 2000 blocks.

This seed offers pretty much everything a Minecraft player could want, especially if they’re into unusual biomes and constructions. It may be found in the Java Edition.

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