Minecraft Jungle Temple Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac)

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Minecraft Jungle Temple Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac)

Jungle temples are only one of the numerous constructions in Minecraft that provide precious treasure.

Of course, jungle temples can only be found in jungle biomes in Minecraft. While they include Redstone traps that must be avoided, they are typically well worth the trip due to the riches contained within the structure Minecraft Jungle Temple Seeds for Java Edition (PC/Mac).

Minecraft seeds for jungle temples

Two temples, two villages

Seed: -2877330477235217042

MinecraftSeedsEveryday on YouTube is a fantastic source of amazing Minecraft seeds of all types, and they recently uncovered this fantastic jungle temple seed. Players are spawned in a massive jungle biome when they use this seed. It has two separate jungle temples, one of which is located near the spawn place and the other adjacent to a settlement. There’s also a community not far away from that one. The scenery in this seed is not only stunning, but there is also a lot of treasure to be found between the two temples and the two communities.

Almost Oasis

Seed: -7000845620747423814

This seed, discovered on YouTube by mooing cowmilk, has a unique and fortunate spawn location: directly next to a forest temple. The temple is located amid a modest but large rainforest biome that is flanked on all sides by hundreds, if not thousands, of blocks of desert. This wild world generator creates stunning images and is ideal for those who want to try their hand at surviving in a world with little resources. Those who want to take on this seed’s survival challenge will need to rely on the jungle biome and its temple as their primary source of resources. With the exception of 1.15, where the temple does not appear to spawn, this seed should function on Minecraft versions 1.13 and higher.

Stronghold jungle temple

Seed: -7865616449849762231

MinecraftSeedsEveryday has discovered yet another seed with some spectacular world creation. There is a settlement and a ruined gateway not far from spawn in this seed, where players may start with some amazing stuff. After that, gamers will come across a large jungle habitat that merges into a dark oak biome with yet another settlement after journeying a little more. These fantastic traits, however, aren’t even the finest aspect of this seed.

A jungle temple may be found within the jungle biome, and a fortress can be found practically exactly beneath it. The end portal chamber is not only the closest area of the stronghold to the jungle temple, but it is also the strongest part of the stronghold. On Minecraft Java Edition 1.16.5, this fortunate seed was discovered.

Temple Island

Seed: 190221412068327

BIGnoob spotted this seed on YouTube, and it will spawn gamers on or near an amazing, remote jungle biome island. There are two jungle temples on the island, as well as a destroyed gateway and a shipwreck in the neighbouring seas, all of which provide incredible riches.

The locations of where to discover these amazing spots are shown in the movie above. Given the island’s isolation, some fascinating narrative about these abandoned constructions can be incorporated into a world using this seed.

Lucky Loot

Seed: -1969652990125137044

Coords: -1353 78 -3513

On the most recent version of Minecraft 1.17.1, Reddit user Toktopuss identified this seed. After coming onto what is possibly the rarest find in a jungle temple treasure box ever, this user felt compelled to share his find. This seed’s jungle temple contains extremely rich treasures, such as six diamonds, three emeralds, and iron horse armour. Furthermore, inside the same biome where this one was located, there are at least two other jungle temples to be uncovered. Gamers that play on this seed will almost certainly get wealthy quickly.

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