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Phantoms are hostile monsters in Minecraft that only spawn if the player hasn’t slept in more than three in-game days and there isn’t a block blocking light above them; they may also be summoned with spawn eggs and instructions. Phantoms have ten full hearts of HP, and while attacking players, they will swoop down close to the ground and charge at them, escaping back into the sky once they have taken enough damage. They drop Phantom Membranes, which may be boiled into slow-falling potions or used to heal elytra Phantom in Minecraft

Phantoms appear in groups of 1–4 at high elevations in the overworld, attacking people who haven’t used a bed in 3 in-game days or more. When a player enters a bed or dies, this statistic is reset.

Phantoms have green eyes and are blue in hue with some bones showing (much like the original Endermen eyes). They also release black particles while flying, and may be identified by sound, which includes a distinctive shriek, high-pitched deathly breathing, and flapping noises made by their wings.

Phantoms are undead creatures who burn in direct sunlight, receive additional damage when attacked with a sword enchanted with smite, are poison-resistant, and invert the effects of instant healing and instant damage potions.

When phantoms die, they leave 0-1 phantom membranes behind.

Phantoms attack by swooping down on the player, much like the Ender Dragon, but with a minor bit of knockback. If the player destroys the phantom during its swooping assault (before the phantom harms the player), the phantom will spin around and fly back up into the sky, where it will ultimately swoop down for another attack chance. Attacking a phantom with a sword rather than a bow is suggested since phantoms seldom stay in one area long enough for the player to hit them.If the player is close to a domesticated cat, the cat will hiss at phantoms, frightening them away.

When the gamerule doInsomnia is set to false, no phantoms will arise.

In Minecraft, there are a lot of different mobs, and phantoms are one of the more unusual ones. Like many mobs, they only spawn during night. As a result, having a bed is more of a need than a luxury. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, phantoms are also more hazardous than in the Java Edition.

Minecraft Phantom

HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthDrops
10 full heartsHostile(Java Edition) – Easy: 1 full heart; Normal: 1 full heart; Hard: 1 and half full heart. (Bedrock Edition) – Easy: 2 full hearts; Normal: 3 full hearts; Hard: 4 and half full hearts0-1 Phantom membrane; 5 XP Orbs

The least difficulty of the ghost in the Bedrock edition deals more damage than the toughest difficulty in the Java variant.

Where do Phantoms come from?

When there are no blocks blocking light above the player, phantoms will appear in the overworld. This indicates that leaves, but not glass, can prevent phantoms from spawning. They won’t spawn if the player has slept or attempted to sleep in a bed during the previous three game days. Phantoms will spawn in a 21x15x21 cube centred 28 blocks above the player in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. A light level of 7 or less is required for the spawn site. Phantoms will spawn more regularly in the Java edition depending on how long it has been since the user has slept. Every 1-2 minutes, phantoms will try to spawn. If there is a thunderstorm, phantoms will also spawn throughout the day. Thunderstorms lower the light level, allowing creatures to spawn, and might catch you off guard because being attacked from the sky is more difficult to anticipate.

What is the best way to summon a Phantom?

Using spawn eggs, instructions, or simply not sleeping in-game may generate phantoms. They will spawn spontaneously at night and can spawn in groups of up to four depending on the game’s difficulty setting. The command is “/summon phantom” in both editions of the game, with the option of providing coordinates after phantom to specify where it spawns.

In Minecraft, how can you defeat a Phantom?

A phantom, like any hostile mob, may be defeated by diminishing its hit points. Phantoms have 10 full hearts of HP, which you may deplete by assaulting it with a tool or weapon, or by using a bow or crossbow if you have a decent aim. They will swoop near to the ground before rushing at the player, which is a strongly telegraphed assault pattern. They will return to the sky after they have taken enough damage. In small groups, phantoms might be unpleasant, but in big groups, they can be deadly. If you forget to sleep while playing Minecraft, you may find yourself dealing with a swarm of phantoms.

What is the best way to utilise Phantom Membrane?

Phantom membranes are useful in two ways. They may be used to fix your elytra using an anvil, or they can be brewed into slow-falling potions in a brewing stand. To mend your wings, place your wings in the left slot and the phantom membrane in the right slot. It’s crucial to maintain your wings healthy, and it can serve as a temporary solution until you locate the healing enchantment. Place three uncomfortable potions in the bottom (produced by boiling nether wart in water bottles) and the phantom membrane in the ingredient slot to create the potions. After it has finished brewing, you will obtain slow-falling potions. Slow-falling potions do just that. They cause you to fall gently, and even if you dive right into the ground with your elytra on, you will not incur fall damage while this potion is active.


  • A phantom will not attack a player who is swimming on the surface of a huge body of water, but will dive to attack a player who is swimming under the surface.
  • On the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, only five phantoms can be present in one planet at a time for unclear reasons, and they do not add to the total number of opponents in a world.
  • A drowned riding a ghost, sometimes known as a phantom jockey, may be summoned with a command.

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