Piercing in Minecraft


The Minecraft gameplay offers you with various customizations options that can help you in building as well as against enemy mobs. The game gives you the option to build great weapons as well as great buildings and houses so that the game feels more personal to you. Another such thing that the game offers to you is enchantments. You can use these enchantments on objects and items that you collect throughout the game. Using a specific enchantment on a specific object increases the durability and functionality of that object. For example, using the channelling enchantment which works with the trident item will give you specific benefits that other enchantments won’t. Piercing in Minecraft

Enchantments, generally, are assets that you can apply to your armour, weapons, or tools by using an enchantment table or an anvil if you already possess enchanted books. Enchanted books are very useful. If these books are near an anvil or an enchanted table then higher level enchantments and more enchantments are available for you to apply to your tools and armour. 15 bookshelves achieve the maximum level of enchantments.

When an armour or tool is successfully enchanted it will shine brightly like a potion for other players to know that you are holding an enchanted item in your hand. An enchanted item will display their level of strength and current enchantments on your screen in the inventory menu. Shovels, pickaxes, axes, swords, armour, and much more can easily be enchanted and used on mobs for maximum damage.

Piercing is amongst one of these enchantments that is placed on crossbows to make them more functional and efficient. The purpose of this article is to inform you everything there is about Piercing in Minecraft. So let’s dive into this enchantment and discover its uses and benefits. 

Piercing in Minecraft

The Piercing enchantment in Minecraft is applied on crossbows. After the enchantment is used you can hit multiple enemy mobs with a single shot. It also increases the level of damage that each arrow causes. Moreover, this means that a crossbow enchanted with piercing can go through shields, multiple mob bodies, and even flying birds. Therefore, crossbows enchanted with piercing are best for combat use including PVP. The piercing enchantment is also very useful because killing numerous enemy mobs with a sword can sometimes be dangerous. It requires you to get too close to the mobs which gives the mobs a chance to attack you. Using a piercing enchanted crossbow helps you to kill enemy mobs quicker and helps you cause damage to the surrounding mobs as well.    

Piercing enchantment works well with small or narrow areas where several enemy mobs are close to each other so that you can shoot multiple enemy mobs with a single shot. However, it is important to note that the arrows will not target the enemies, they will simply go through them. That is why it is important to line up the enemy mobs first and then shoot your crossbow so that multiple enemy mobs are killed with a single shot. Even though it may seem like Piercing is a great enchantment right now, it is still one of the least used enchantments in Minecraft.

The primary goal of piercing is to shoot multiple enemy mobs with a single shot. However, piercing also allows you to have an infinite amount of arrows. This is because the arrows that you enchant with piercing and use on your enemy mobs are not destroyed. They pass through the enemy mobs killing them in the process and then remain on the ground. You can pick these arrows up and use them again and again for as long as you like. Just be sure to collect your arrows after each kill. 

Moreover, piercing enchantment is only applicable with crossbows and no other weapon. The upgrade level of this enchantment can vary from level 1 to level 4. Also, firework rockets are not impacted by pierced crossbows. The main let down of the piercing enchantment is that it is purely exclusive and cannot be combined with enchantments such as Multishot. 

If you are interested in this enchantment and want to obtain a crossbow to use it then you have the option of either crafting one yourself or finding it in the gameplay. If you want to craft yourself a crossbow then you will need 

  • Stick
  • Iron ingot 
  • String 
  • Tripwire

The other way to get a crossbow is to loot piglins and pillagers. Trading emeralds with the villagers may also get you a crossbow if you are lucky. Similarly, generic chests and Bridge chests are also a few sources of crossbows. However, the easiest way of acquiring a crossbow in Minecraft is to simply make one yourself. You can make a crossbow by combining the above mentioned items in your crafting grid and then adding the crossbow into your inventory. 

How to use the Piercing Enchantment? 

Using the piercing enchantment is not that hard. There are a total of three ways that you can use this enchantment. In this section let us discuss those three ways so that you know how to use them properly. 

  • Anvil: you can use the piercing enchantment with an anvil. To do this simply combine the crossbow and the enchantment book to enchant the crossbow with piercing enchantment. 
  • Command: like all other things in Minecraft, you can use the command option to change and tweak things in the gameplay. To use the piercing enchantment through command simply type this in the chatbox: “/enchant @p piercing <level of piercing>” Using this command will enchant your crossbow with piercing enchantment. 
  • Enchantment Table: to use the piercing enchantment with an enchantment table you will need to put fifteen bookshelves around the enchanting table. Then combine lapis lazuli and the crossbow with the help of the enchanting table. Then pick the piercing enchantment from the slots on the right side to enchant the crossbow with piercing. 

These are the three simple ways that you can enchant your crossbow with the piercing enchantment. 


Enchantments are very useful in Minecraft because they give you an edge on your enemies. Using enchantments can be very beneficial if you use the right enchantment on the right weapon or object. Even though piercing is the least used enchantment it has a lot of benefits and uses and discussed above. So don’t shy away from this enchantment and be prepared to use it the next time that you’re in front of your PC or console playing Minecraft. Remember, everything that you need to know about piercing is in this article, so don’t worry, we got you!                  

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