Piglin in Minecraft

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Piglin in Minecraft

A neutral mob found in the Nether is called a Piglin in Minecraft. Unless the player has at least one item of golden armour on, they turn hostile. Gold ingots may be used by players to trade for a variety of goods. Piglins spawn in groups of 2-4 in the nether wastes and crimson forest biomes, as well as inside bastion remains, on most blocks aside from nether wart blocks and lava blocks, at a light level of 11 or less in the Java Edition or 7 or less in the Bedrock Edition. They can spawn naturally in Bedrock Edition’s Peaceful difficulty. There is a 20% [Java Edition only] or a 5% [Bedrock Edition only] chance that each piglin will hatch as a youngster. Sword or crossbow-wielding piglins can spawn with a 50% probability each. Additionally, there is a 40% chance that they will spawn wearing any piece of armour.

Piglin in Minecraft - 


Adults have an 8.5% probability of dropping the object they are holding (a golden sword or crossbow with random durability). This risk is increased by 1% with each level of looting. Without tools, children spawn.

A picked-up item always has the same durability when dropped in Java Edition. Depending on how much damage a piglin gets, the armour it picks up in Bedrock Edition may become less durable or possibly break. Gold ingots, uncooked pork chops, and cooked pork chops are not dropped by piglins.


Adults may spawn with 1-4 pieces of standard or enchanted armour, which could be:

  • Golden Helmet
  • Golden Chestplate
  • Golden Leggings
  • Golden Boots

These have a random durability and an 8.5 percent drop probability. They can also find more armour.


When slain by a player or a domesticated wolf, adults drop 5 and an extra 1-3 each armour piece. Piglin chicks drop one.


Piglins behave enviously as they observe players carrying gold-related items.Piglins can open and close wooden doors like villagers, but they are unable to do so with iron doors, fence gates, or any trapdoors.Piglins deliberately act in a way that puts them at danger of drowning since they are unable to swim.They are not invulnerable to fire or lava by nature. Piglins, unless they’ve done so within the last 10 seconds, take up both cooked and raw porkchop that is within a block of them.

Zombified piglins, zoglins, soul fire, soul torches, soul lanterns, and lighted soul campfires force idle piglins to flee. Piglins flee from zoglins and zombieized piglins but ignore soul fire items while chasing the player. Additionally, young piglins avoid wither skeletons and withers.

In contrast to pillagers, crossbow piglins don’t reload their crossbows when they spawn. Only when provoked do they reload. Baby piglins are docile and enjoy running about and riding on baby hoglins while they play. While riding a baby hoglin, up to 3 baby piglins may stack on top of one another.

You can offer gold to baby piglins, but they don’t reciprocate and flee. Baby piglins are also capable of picking up, donning, and holding gold-plated tools and weaponry. They cannot, however, take up leather. Piglin babies never mature; this is a deliberate action.

Variety of aggravations

  • Short range: Piglins up to 15 blocks in radius surrounding the player become agitated by them if there is a direct line of sight to them after being angered by a player who is not wearing gold armour or opening a container.
  • Mid-range: Piglins up to 16 blocks away from the player’s feet become annoyed after a piglin has been angered by the player shattering a golden block or a container. Line of sight is not necessary.
  • Long range: Piglins up to 16 blocks away from the injured piglin (rather than the player) get agitated when a piglin has been irritated by a player harming a piglin or piglin brute. Line of sight is not necessary.


A piglin raises its dominant arm and sword in front of it when fighting, much like a vindicator.

Wither skeletons and withers provoke the wrath of adult piglins.

Within 16 blocks, adult piglins assemble and attack in large numbers.

Piglins crossbow assault by firing arrows every two seconds. When the target gets within range in Java Edition, they begin to go backward (stopping if they are at a cliff’s edge). If their crossbows lose strength, they may shatter, forcing the piglins to use their fists. They do not strafe from left to right while firing, unlike mobs equipped with bows. Piglins charge the player carrying swords and other weapons.

A group of piglins will congregate and make “celebration noises” when they have successfully defeated their prey. Piglins had little chance of dancing, though, unless they were aiming for a hoglin.

Piglin near a no AI piglin or piglin brute that is assaulted by a mob do not engage in combat with the mob that attacked it.

Piglins do not fight iron golems on their own initiative; iron golems attack both adult and infant piglins.


Hoglins are occasionally attacked by piglins, which makes the nearby piglins and piglin brutes [Bedrock Edition only] attack the targeted hoglin as well.

Adult hoglins are not instantly attacked by piglins on sight, but a piglin may decide to go after a hoglin at random (this decision almost never happens if the piglin recently hunted, but other piglins can still start a hunt).

[verify] Once that piglin assaults the hoglin [Bedrock Edition only], all nearby piglins and piglin brutes turn against the hoglin. When outnumbered by hoglins, piglins withdraw while uttering “retreat” noises. Piglins have a 10% chance of doing a “victory dance” in which they bobble their heads and make a T-pose with their arms outstretched.

The likelihood that a hunt will take place increases with the number of piglins (because a lot of piglins that saw the hoglin has a 10 percent chance of starting a hunt).

Any adjacent piglins will pick up the cooked porkchops or raw porkchops that the hoglin left behind after a hunt, but not the leather. Piglin brutes never handle any leather or pork chops.

When the world was created, piglins that were a member of a bastion remnant did not hunt.

Piglin brutes do not initiate hunts; instead, they participate in those that are launched by piglins. (Only the Bedrock Edition)

Being preoccupied

When offered gold things, piglins temporarily cease their attacks. Bartering then proceeds as usual if the player presents a gold ingot. After the barter is over, they start assaulting again. The piglin will stop attacking if the player diverts them with a gold item and puts on some gold armour while it’s being examined. If they are sufficiently sidetracked, they could also give up being hostile. The piglin stops being hostile if the player destroys any gold-related blocks or injures or kills a piglin, then distracts it up to five times while wearing gold armour.

Selecting objects

Piglins are able to pick up and equip any object they come across, although they prefer gold-related objects since they actively look for them. Any gold-related object is examined by a piglin for six seconds before it is equipped, held, or added to its inventory. However, if the piglin doesn’t have any gold equipment, objects unrelated to gold are immediately kept or fitted. If the MobGriefing gamerule is set to false, piglins are unable to pick up any things.

Piglins may stack goods in their eight concealed inventory spaces. Except for gold ingots, piglins with full inventory avoid attempting to pick up anything associated with gold. In return for gold ingots, baby piglins will try to pick up any object and will not provide the user with any things. Adult piglins can pick up cooked porkchops, porkchops, and gold nuggets (which do not assist them trade for better products but are instantly added to their inventory) (they do not actively seek out and contemplate porkchops). With the exception of gold ingots, raw porkchops, and cooked porkchops, piglins drop any of these goods upon death.

If a piglin gets struck once and dies while gazing at a gold ingot, the ingot does fall to the ground.

A piglin does not flee from zoglins or zombified piglins when it is admiring a gold ingot while trading.

Piglins with crossbows can equip unenchanted or enchanted crossbows.

Piglins can take up stuff, just like other mobs can, including armour and weapons. Piglins choose armour that is superior to the armour they currently possess, yet they choose money above more powerful armour. For instance, a piglin will not choose leather boots if it is already wearing diamond boots, but it will choose a golden chestplate over a netherite one if the latter is available. However, Curse of Binding prevents them from taking off or discarding armour.

Piglins that were created during world formation in a bastion remnant or that have acquired things or gear do not automatically despawn.

When a piglin is killed, the items it has picked up do not fall to the ground.


Piglin in Minecraft - 

Piglins who are in the Overworld or the End change into zombified piglins after 15 seconds while keeping their identity, holding items, and armour on. They can only use a crossbow as a melee weapon because they are unable to fire it. The generated zombified piglin exhibits the nausea effect for 10 seconds after metamorphosis; this is only a visual effect. A piglin that becomes zombified drops everything in its inventory besides equipped weapons and armour and vanishes with the exception of those things. Because there are no hostile monsters in the Peaceful difficulty setting of Bedrock Edition, the piglin despawns rather than transforms.

Although the 15-second portal downtime normally stops them from returning during that period, piglins that return to the Nether before that time retain their original state.

Without AI, piglins summoned in the Overworld or the End don’t zombify, take up armour, weapons, or gold-containing objects.

A piglin will drop a gold ingot or a gold-related item in the Java Edition if it is inspecting or admiring one when it becomes zombified while inspecting.

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