Projectile Protection in Minecraft

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Projectile Protection in Minecraft – 

Players may enchant their objects in Minecraft with numerous enchantments to improve their stats and efficiency. Some enchantments are only applicable to weapons and tools, while others are only applicable to armour.

One of the most effective enchantments for armour in Minecraft is protection. It reduces damage from a variety of assaults and, in some situations, protects against attacks that would otherwise be unstoppable by ordinary armour. There are three sorts of protection in addition to the standard protection enchantment: Blast Protection, Fire Protection, and Projectile Protection.


Arrows, thrown tridents, shulker bullets, llama spit, and flame fireballs all take less damage with Projectile Protection. It also decreases the damage dealt by ghast fireballs and wither skulls when they hit you directly. Splash potions of hurting, dragon fireballs, and firework rockets do not diminish damage despite being projectiles.

The damage reduction formula for projectiles is level 8%, which means that for every subsequent level, another 8% of the damage is absorbed. The highest level (Projectile Protection IV) absorbs 32% (4 * 8%) of all projectile damage. Projectile damage is theoretically impossible at levels 13 and up (since it would exceed 100 percent), but absorbed damage is capped at 80 percent, therefore level 10 is the most that can have any impact. Protection, Fire Protection, Feather Falling, Blast Protection, and Projectile Protection all stack up to a maximum damage reduction (see armour enchantments).

In Minecraft, what does Projectile Protection do?

Projectile Protection in Minecraft

Projectile Protection is a mod for Minecraft that reduces projectile damage. Arrows, llama spits, shulker bullets, blazes, ghast fireballs, and other projectiles are among them.

Potions, melee attacks, and projectiles are the three most prevalent methods to harm individuals and monsters in Minecraft. There is currently no method to lessen the damage caused by potions. Players can, however, lower other melee and missile damage.

Projectile protection has four levels, much as other Protection Enchantments. The projectile damage reduction decreases by 8% with each level. Level 1 projectile protection decreases projectile damage by 8%, while level 2 projectile protection reduces projectile damage by 16%. With the level 4 enchantment, players may obtain a maximum of 32 percent projective protection.

Projectile protection may be applied to any style of armour, including helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots. With enchantments, higher tier armour performs better than lower tier armour.

Amount 4 protective leather leggings will not offer the same level of protection as level 2 diamond leggings. Before utilising high-level enchantments, be sure you have the right armour.

In Minecraft, how can you gain projectile protection?

In books, there are a few different methods to get the projectile protection enchantment. It may be found in loot boxes in mineshafts, jungle temples, desert pyramids, and other locations as an enchanted book. In end ships, players can also obtain armour enchanted with missile protection.

On an enchanting table, players can enchant their armour. Players can find high-level enchantments like Projectile Protection III and Fortune III if they are surrounded by enough bookshelves. Players can combine low-level enchantments to increase the enchantment’s level.

Villager trading is another way to gain projectile shielding. Enchanted books may be purchased from libraries, while enchanted armour can be obtained straight from armourer villagers.

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