Riptide in Minecraft

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Riptide in Minecraft – 

Riptide is a Minecraft enchantment. It can only be used on tridents that are dropped by the Drowned mob. Travel and offense/defense against other players and mobs are the major goals of this enchantment.

This is an enchantment that was introduced in the Bedrock 1.4 beta and Java 1.13 versions. The trident was also initially introduced in these Minecraft editions.

What role does riptide play in Minecraft?

Tridents are excellent aquatic weapons, and they get better with riptide. Travel and fighting are two of their most notable uses.

The enchantment Travel Riptide is used to travel faster across water and in biomes with snow or rain.

When a player throws their trident underwater, their rate of travel is 3 + (level * 4). The rate increases to 3 + (level * 6) if the player is standing in water, rain, or snow. The player is propelled with the trident when it is thrown, which causes this. Upward distances are likewise covered under the rule of travel. This can make ascending a steep mountain considerably simpler when moving at a breakneck speed.


In Minecraft, a player who employs a riptide-enchanted trident during combat might reap significant rewards. When a monster or another player is hit by the trident, they take the same amount of damage as the trident. The damage is enhanced if the player who threw it is falling.

When a trident is enchanted with riptide in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, it may harm several enemies with a single strike. When placed in a dispenser, the enchanted weapon no longer hurts numerous targets but instead flies ten times faster.

In Minecraft, how can you get a trident?

A player must have a trident to obtain the riptide enchantment. This is the game’s sole item that may have this enchantment.

In Minecraft, a player must kill a Drowned to obtain a trident. This is a rare dropped item, however it is not difficult to obtain. The rate of decline is 8.5 percent.

In Java version, an unenchanted trident delivers two more hearts of damage than a diamond sword with no enchantments during a melee combat.

The trident in Bedrock does a half-heart more damage than a diamond blade without enchants.

When an unenchanted trident is thrown and hits a monster or another player, it causes eight damage (4 hearts).


Tridents, along with the riptide enchantment that may be applied to them, are one of the more interesting updates that arrived with Minecraft’s aquatic update.

Because it is effective in both travel and warfare, this enchantment should be employed in both. This is a wonderful enchantment for players that want to live on the go throughout the game.

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