Silk Touch in Minecraft

Silk Touch in Minecraft

Enchantments are unique effects that Minecraft players can apply to their tools and objects to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. There are many different types of enchantments, each with its own function. The enchanting table, which is made up of four obsidian, two gems, and one book, may be used to enchant items and armor. Players will require lapis lazuli and EXP points to enchant an item.

Enchanting is a gaming mechanic that players can use to their advantage in order to apply powerful effects that aren’t generally present on specific tools by default. These effects are referred to as “enchantments” in Minecraft. Minecraft includes a detailed enchanting system that, like crafting potions, can offer you an advantage in battle. If you’re playing PvP, an enchanted weapon or suit of armor will put you miles ahead of a player who doesn’t have enchanted gear.

Silk Touch in Minecraft

There are a number of enchantments available, each with its own set of abilities. Some enchantments are seen to be more appealing than others.

One of the more sought-after enchantments in Minecraft is the silk touch. It can be liberating to be able to get the precise block you’re breaking rather than a component of the block or even losing the block entirely. It allows you to get more blocks than you might otherwise. Many objects in Minecraft aren’t accessible with basic tools. The Silk Touch Enchantment is used to return blocks to their original state rather than normal things. 

One of the most popular enchantments in Minecraft is Silk Touch. Many blocks, including grass, glass, and all resource blocks, were unavailable in early versions of Minecraft. Silk Touch was added to Minecraft in order to access certain blocks that were previously unavailable.

When both Silk Touch and Fortune enchantments are applied to an item with commands, the Silk Touch enchantment takes priority over the Fortune enchantment for blocks impacted by both enchantments. Silk touch is also technically incompatible with the enchantments like Looting and Luck of the Sea [Java Edition only].

In normal gameplay, Silk Touch cannot be used on swords or fishing rods.

When both Silk Touch and Looting or Luck of the Sea are applied to an item with commands, both enchantments work normally.

Now that you know about Silk Touch, let’s discuss how to get it.

How to get Silk Touch in Minecraft?

You can obtain a silk touch enchantment in a variety of ways. You may try rolling the dice in an enchantment table and finding it by luck with a level 30 enchantment; you could also get it through chest loot or fishing, as with most other enchantments; and finally, you can get it by trading with a library villager.

We’ll concentrate on trading because it’s the most reliable way to get what you want.

You’ll need to find a new villager in order for this strategy to function. “Fresh” refers to a villager who has not yet locked down their career. Check a villager’s trade inventory to see if they are locked in. They will never change their profession or update their trade inventory if they have level 2 unlocked. As long as you haven’t traded with them, most folks who generate in villages will be compatible with this approach.

In order for this to work properly, you may need to demolish any surrounding extra job site blocks. You’ll also need to obtain a lectern. If a village has a librarian, the librarian’s house has a lectern that has been generated. Otherwise, a bookshelf and four wooden slabs can be used to make one. This recipe can be made with any wooden slab.

Locate a villager that you can isolate after you’ve set up your lectern. To keep him from wandering away, you can enclose him with fences.

To see what the librarian has to offer, look through his trade inventory. This method simply requires his level 1 trade.

You can shatter the lectern and replace it to refresh the librarian’s inventory when your librarian does not give you the book you are seeking. The villager will be surrounded by storm clouds, symbolizing his fury, however, this is due to his loss of livelihood. Once the villager is assigned to his new occupation, this value is reset.

The librarian’s inventory will be refreshed by breaking and reinstalling the lectern. Do not be enticed by the enchanted books they may offer in level 2 deals; once you trade with this villager, their profession will be locked, and you will no longer be able to refill their inventory. Continue destroying and replacing the lectern until you find the book you want.

After a few inventory refreshes, the librarian may offer silk touch. This will be an almost limitless supply of this enchanted book (as long as you can supply the emeralds and books). If the trade is locked out, you can either trade with other things or wait for the librarian’s stock to replenish in a few days.

If you’re having trouble finding enough emeralds to meet your enchanting needs, explore for nearby towns and try trading simple resources for emeralds. Leatherworkers will purchase leather in exchange for emeralds, farmers will purchase crops in exchange for emeralds, fletchers will purchase sticks in exchange for emeralds, and so on. Make use of whatever villager’s trade is most convenient for you.

Make a book with three pieces of paper and a piece of leather if you have enough emeralds.  You can trade with the librarian for your enchanted book once you have your book ready and your emeralds acquired.  With your book in hand, you can use an anvil to enchant whatever tool you wish.

To enchant your tool, set your anvil down and place your desired tool in the anvil’s leftmost slot and the enchanted book in the anvil’s rightmost slot.

That’s all you need to do in Minecraft to get a silk touch on your products.

Using the Silk Touch Enchantment

Once you have a Silk Touch-enchanted instrument (such as a pickaxe, shovel, axe, or shears), you must hold the enchanted item in your hand. You won’t be able to mine the blocks until you have the tool in your hand and have used it.

Instead of the block disintegrating into nothing or dropping another item when you mine an item using a tool enchanted with Silk Touch, you will get the block itself.

Some of the best uses of this enchantment are:

  • Grass Block

The grass is one of Minecraft’s most gorgeous blocks. Despite the fact that these green bricks abound in Minecraft, they are inaccessible without silk touch. Mining without a silk touch enchanted tool will result in a dirt block rather than grass. The fastest way to obtain grass blocks in Minecraft is to use the Silk Touch shovel.

  • Glass and Glass Panes

Glass is a popular addition to Minecraft bases and structures. Buildings are given color and liveliness by these transparent pieces. Making holes in their dirt houses to add glasses is one of many players’ earliest recollections.

When mined with an unenchanted pickaxe, glass and glass panes decompose into nothing. A silk touch pickaxe is required to mine glass blocks. Players should keep this in mind the next time they place glass.

  • Stone

Stone may be found all across the Minecraft overworld. Stones have a lovely texture that makes them ideal for building walkways, walls, and houses, among other things. However, instead of stone, mining stone drops cobblestone.

It takes a lot of energy to smelt cobblestones into stones. Many blocks, such as stone bricks, mossy stone blocks, smooth stone, and more, require stones to be crafted. Players can conserve resources by getting stones directly using a silk touch pickaxe.

You finally know everything about Silk Touch Enchantment in Minecraft, enjoy playing!

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