Soul Speed in Minecraft

Soul Speed in Minecraft

Soul Speed is a boot enchantment that allows the player to walk faster on soul sand or soul dirt. Soul Speed in Minecraft

Maximum levelIII
Primary itemsNone
Secondary itemsBoots
Enchantment weight1

Soul Speed in Minecraft


Bartering with piglins can net you Soul Speed in the form of enchanted books and iron boots with a random level of Soul Speed. Piglins may spawn with golden boots enchanted with Soul Speed, which will drop if they are slain. Bastion remnant “other” chests may contain enchanted books and golden footwear with a random level of Soul Speed.

Soul Speed is a treasure enchantment that cannot be earned via an enchanting table. It cannot be gotten from most chest loot (save in bastion remains), fishing, or trade, unlike other treasure enchantments.



Soul Speed boosts the player’s speed when they walk on soul sand or soul soil. When wearing Soul Speed boots, the multiplier (Soul Speed Level * 0.105) + 1.3 is applied to the player’s speed. Soul Sand’s slower pace has no influence on Soul Speed, therefore the player can walk at the same speed on soul sand as on soul soil.

While Soul Speed pathways are not as quick as other modes of transportation (such as blue ice tracks), Soul Speed boots do not require vehicles such as minecarts or boats to operate. As a result, Soul Speed pathways are beneficial for enhancing travel speed over more uneven or diversified terrain where vehicles may be difficult to manoeuvre.

On top of soul sand or soul dirt, carpets or slabs [JE only] do not restrict the speed boost from Soul Speed.

Player speed on soul-compatible blocks vs. non-soul-compatible blocks:

Enchantment LevelSpeed Increase
Soul Speed I40.5%
Soul Speed II51%
Soul Speed III61.5%


For each appropriate block trodden on, the durability of worn boots enchanted with Soul Speed decreases by 4%. Enchanting the boots with Unbreaking I/II/III reduces this probability by 20/27/30 percent, accordingly.


When you step on one of the appropriate blocks, soul particles materialize.

In Minecraft, how can players obtain the Soul Speed enchantment?

Soul Speed is a rare enchantment that is difficult to get. Because it is a treasure enchantment, players cannot gain it through trading, fishing, or utilising the enchanting table. Bartering, killing piglins, and plundering bastion remnants are the only three methods to obtain the Soul Speed enchantment.

Kill Piglins

Piglins are a type of neutral creature that only appears in the Nether world. Players who are wearing gold armour are not attacked. Piglins can spawn with Soul Speed enchanted golden boots, however the odds are slim. The piglin has an 8.5 percent chance of dropping the enchanted golden footwear when slain by the player.

Using a sword enchanted with Looting increases the chances of it dropping the boots with the Soul Speed enchantment. Each degree of looting raises the likelihood by 1%.


Players sell gold ingots for piglins in a function called bartering, which is comparable to trading. They can either hurl the ingot at the piglin or right-click on it to do so. The piglin then inspects the ingot before returning an item.

By haggling, players have a 1.09 percent chance of receiving a Soul Speed enchanted book. It can also offer you an iron boot with Soul Speed, which has a 1.74 percent chance of occuring.


Bastions are constructions found in both the Nether and the Realm. They’re recognised for having a lot of gold and nice treasure. Players can obtain golden boots with the Soul Speed enchantment from one of the chests that appear in this construction. It has a 9.8% chance of being found in the chest.

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