What are cods in Minecraft? 

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Well, there are a great number of creatures and items inside the Minecraft gameplay that you can add to your settlement or farm or even to your own house or shelter. It is really cool and interesting to add the carying kind of creatures and items to your gameplay. It is just like as you add various things to your past  and  settlement in the real world, so do you place and add the things in the Minecraft gameplay as well.

Cods are small fish that look appealing and beautiful in structure and form. They are really a delight to add to your house or to the farm inside a water body. If you wish to know the varying facts and information about the cods in Minecraft before adding it to your gameplay, then this article is certainly for you. 

In this article given below, we will be  considering the varying aspects of the cods in the Minecraft gameplay that you should know before beginning the process of adding the cods in the Minecraft gameplay. So do follow this article to the very end in order to get the  whole thing done. 

Before we move to the varying aspects of cods  in the Minecraft gameplay, let us consider the varying editions of Minecraft that do allow the  feature of cods in the Minecraft gameplay. 

It is really good to know of the varying editions  which really do support the required feature in the beginning, so that we do not have to worry or regret at the end of the whole thing after knowing that the feature is not supported in your edition of  Minecraft. 

The editions of Minecraft that do support the cods feature are;

Java Edition- 1.13

Pocket Edition- 1.4.0

Xbox 360- TU43

Xbox One- 1.4.0

PS3- 1.76

PS4- 1.76

Wii U- Patch 38

Nintendo Switch- 1.5.0 

Windows 10 Edition- 1.4.0

Education Edition- 1.4.0

So these were the varying editions of Minecraft that support the feature of cods in the Minecraft gameplay. 


Cods are the small sized fish that appear in the rivers, and oceans They can generally be  found in the lower levels of the respected  water bodies. 

Attacking level

When it comes to attacking level or hostility level, cods are not that much dangerous or  lethal like the largely sharks or tiny piranhas. But to your disdain, they are actually quite a familiar  kind of creature that  would not attack you in any way. 

The attacking level is the system of categorically arranging the varying animals or  creatures in the Minecraft gameplay  depending upon their nature and attacking capacity. 

The cods are given an attacking level of the primary mode, which means that  the cods are  enlisted among the really unhostile animals or beings. The primary mod is also given to  the cows, humans, and various other similar creatures. 

Here, the term mods are used to refer to the various kinds of living creatures that exist in the whole Minecraft gameplay. 

So that was about the attacking level of the cods in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Health points

Talking about the health points of the cods in the Minecraft gameplay, we can say that the cods have a minimal level of health points in the Minecraft gameplay. A cod consists of about 3 heart points in the gameplay, where each heart point holds about five of the health points in the gameplay, so we can say that the cod has a total of about 1.5 health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Which implies that the particular player would need to damage the overall 1.5 health points of the cods in Minecraft, so as to force him to die. Which is not that simple, so the cods have  fairly normal health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

So that was about the health points of the cods in Minecraft. 

Finding the cods

When it comes to finding the cods in the  Minecraft gameplay, there are some certain places where you can actually locate and collect them from there. 

The most common place, where you can generally find cods inside the Minecraft gameplay are cold  oceans, lukewarm oceans, deep oceans, and deep lukewarm oceans biomes. There are various other ways of finding and adding the cods to your house or  settlement in Minecraft. A cods can also be called or added to the gameplay by either using the summon command or by using the spawn egg. 

You can easily use the summon command in the Minecraft gameplay to request the Minecraft for providing a cods to your place. 

Or  you can use the spawn egg to  produce  your own cods that will be added to your place afterwards. 

So, that was about finding the cods in Minecraft. 

Attacking way

As we have discussed earlier in the process as well, the cods can not really harm or attack you in the Minecraft gameplay. And if you try to attack or cause harm to the cods in the gameplay, then it would really run away from you. So you can move your hands around the cods in the  respective bowl or pool in the  Minecraft gameplay without getting a thought of getting attacked by it there. 

So that was about the attacking  way of  the  cods in Minecraft. 

What are cods in Minecraft


Well, you  may know that when a creature dues in the Minecraft gameplay it does leaves some form of leaving behind. 

Here the term drop refers to the same leaving, which you can collect from a creature in Minecraft, when it dies there. 

When you kill a cods or it gets killed somehow, it drops a dry cod at the exact spot where it has been killed. 

There, you need to collect the dry cod right when it has been dropped in the gameplay, or it would disappear after some time if you do not pick it up. 

Apart from the dry cod there is something other than this as well that you need to pick as well. 

These are the various small balls or circles, which enhance your energy level when you absorb them in the Minecraft gameplay. 

These balls are generally yellow or green in color. They appear when a mob dies in the  Minecraft gameplay, either you kill it or it dies of some other reason. 

So that was all about the cods in Minecraft. 

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