What are guardians in Minecraft?

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What are guardians in Minecraft

Well, there are a great number of creatures that are present in the Minecraft gameplay. Each of these creatures has varying abilities and qualities there. It isn’t really simple to recognise  a significant creature in the gameplay by looking at its appearance, as there similar appearance  and nature may confuse you about them. 

You should be knowing the fundamental aspects of nearly every creature in the Minecraft gameplay. That will help you in getting through the various challenges and levels of the gameplay quite easily. 

One such creature about which we would be knowing in this article is a guardian. If you really wish to consider the varying facts and information about a guardian, then this article given here is certainly for you.

What are guardians in Minecraft?

A guardian is a creature that is present inside the varying ocean monuments to protect the gate of the temples, so that no other creature or player can pass it unnecessarily. 

Before we move on to consider the various genuine information about a guardian in the gameplay, let us get a quick look at the list of the varying editions of Minecraft that do  support the Guardian feature in the Minecraft gameplay. 

The different editions of Minecraft that support the guardian feature in Minecraft are:

Java Edition- 1.8

Pocket Edition- 0.16.0

Xbox 360- TU31

Xbox One- CU19

PS3- 1.22

PS4- 1.22

Wii U- Patch 3

Nintendo Switch

Windows 10 Edition- 0.16.0

Education Edition- 1.0

So these were the varying editions of Minecraft that allow the Guardian feature in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Now moving onto the various categorical abilities and other features of the guardian in Minecraft, we have;

Hostility Level

Hostility level is a set criteria for arranging the various creatures and animals inside the gameplay into some similar groups or class. Here the creatures or animals are given a  certain level of hostility based on their respective nature and attacking ability in the gameplay. 

A guardian is positioned under a hostile mob level or group in the gameplay because of its seeming nature to attack the players or creature whenever they try to pass the gate  of the temple in the ocean monuments. 

Here, the term mob is used to describe the various kinds of creatures and animals inside one nomenclature. 

What are guardians in Minecraft?

Hostility mob level is ascribed to the various creatures or animals in the gameplay that attack or harm the players and other creatures. Other creatures that are classified in the   hostile mob are creepers, elder guardians, chickens, and much more. 

Now moving onto the other feature of the guardians in the Minecraft gameplay, we have;

Health points

Now, talking about the health points of the guardians in Minecraft, we can say that a guardian has normal or average health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

A guardian has a total of about 15 heart points in the gameplay, where each heart point holds about two of the health points in the gameplay, so we can say that a guardian has a total of about 30 health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Which implies that the particular player would need to damage the overall 30 health points of a guardian in Minecraft, so as to force him to die. Which is not that simple, so a guardian has fairly normal health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Finding a guardians

A  guardian does occur inside the oceans monuments to protect the players from entering the gate of the temple. 

And we do know that the ocean biomes are mostly found in the respective ocean biomes. 

They emerge regularly on some fixed places in the Deep ocean, Deep lukewarm ocean, and deep cold ocean biomes. 

So  you can find a guardian inside the Deep ocean, Deep lukewarm ocean, and deep cold ocean biomes in a respective ocean monument there. 

Apart from searching for guardians in the various overworld biomes, there are other more simpler means of adding guardians to your gameplay.  

You can easily use the respective summon command in your respective devices or editions of Minecraft to request the Minecraft for providing guardians to your place.

Thereby the guardians will be added to the  exact  same place where you have run the required summon command in your gameplay. 

So, that was about finding guardians in Minecraft. 

Now, moving onto the other aspect of a guardians in Minecraft, we have;

What are guardians in Minecraft?

Attacking way

A guardian has a very distinct way of attacking the creatures or players in the gameplay.That hardly any other creature has as well. 

It uses the laser attack that some kind of thorn like attack on you and other players that  try to enter the temple inside  the  ocean monuments 

So that was about the attacking way of the guardians in Minecraft. 


As a guardian dies in the gameplay, you get to collect the prismarine shards or prismarine crystals from the exact point or place in the gameplay, where it has died. 

There, you need to collect that prismarine shards or prismarine crystals at the same moment or time when it has been left, or it disappears from there if no one accepts it. 

That was about the drops that you collect from the wandering trader in Minecraft. 

Experience points

Well, experience points are one of the most significant items in the gameplay that you should possess in order to avail various useful features. 

You get experience points as you move further in the Minecraft gameplay. With each phase of the gameplay you get more and more experience points. The more you play the game, the more you get  the  experience points. 

These experience points can thereafter be  used to get various items, tools, and features in  the  Minecraft gameplay. 

If you need the experience points for having an item or feature and you couldn’t wait for too long, then you have another way of getting them in the gameplay as well. 

You can also earn the experience points by killing the mobs in the gameplay. 

When you kill a mob in the gameplay, you will notice that various small balls appear on your device’s screen. Some of the balls are green , while some of them are yellow in color. 

As you collect these balls, your experience points get increased significantly in the  gameplay. 

You need to know that after you kill a guardian in the Minecraft gameplay successfully, you get to have 10 Experience points by the respective balls that are present there. 

So that was all about knowing  the power  enchantment in Minecraft. 

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