What are Skeleton horses in Minecraft? 

What are Skeleton horses in Minecraft? 

Skeleton horses are quite a unique item in the  Minecraft gameplay. It is just like a real horse  that also acts like your pet in Minecraft. 

In this article given below, we will be  considering the various facts and information  about a skeleton horse that you should be knowing for having it in your gameplay. 

Let us consider the editions of Minecraft that  support the Skeleton horse feature in the Minecraft  gameplay, before we move to know more about the skeleton horse in Minecraft. 

What are Skeleton horses in Minecraft? 

The editions of Minecraft that do allow the feature of skeleton horse in Minecraft are;

Java Edition

Pocket Edition

Xbox 360

Xbox One



Wii U

Nintendo Switch

Windows 10 Edition

Education Edition

So these were the editions of Minecraft that  support the Skeleton feature in Minecraft.

Now, let us begin to know the facts and other information about the skeleton horses in  Minecraft. 

A skeleton horse is almost like a horse that appears to be in the form of a skeleton, it does look like a robot horse that is made up of bones. 

Attacking mode/ Hostility mode

A skeleton horse is considered a passive mob, which is the synonym for referring to all the  creatures in the Minecraft world. A passive  mob synonym is even given to the chicken, and  creepers in the Minecraft gameplay as well. A passive mob isn’t capable of attacking or harming someone in the Minecraft gameplay. So there isn’t a chance of a skeleton horse attacking you or someone else in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Health Points

A  skeleton horse does possess a total of  about  26.5 hearts in the Minecraft gameplay which means it contains a total of 53 health  points. Therefore you need to harm the skeleton horse in such a way that the skeleton horse loses all of its 53 points, so as to kill it in  the Minecraft gameplay. 53 points are something indeed for killing the skeleton horse that  means you cannot kill real easy. 

Finding a Skeleton horse

A  skeleton horse is just like a real horse with just a little twist to it. A skeleton horse does occur in the Minecraft gameplay when a real horse gets struck inside the lightning. There  are other ways of creating the skeleton horse in Minecraft as well. But this is the most  popular way of creating a skeleton horse in Minecraft. The other ways of creating the skeleton horse are by using the command to request  Minecraft to provide a skeleton horse. And by using the spawn egg in the  Minecraft  gameplay to create a skeleton horse. 

Attacking mode

As we discussed earlier as well, the  skeleton horse is a passive mob, meaning that it is just like the other normal creatures and it wouldn’t attack or harm someone no matter  what happens. A skeleton horse would not  even attack you if you try to attack him. 

Drops after kill

Whenever you kill a skeleton horse in the Minecraft gameplay, you get a bone there, right  at the point where you killed the bones. 

If the skeleton horse would have been wearing  something then it would have also been left at  the  same place where you killed him. 

You need to get one thing straight here that the thing  that has been dropped down by a skeleton horse has to be picked up immediately. If you waste  too much time then that  thing  will vanish after some time. 

Level points

There are level points or experience points in the Minecraft gameplay, by which you can get  various effects and features in various processes. 

You get some  experience points  in Minecraft  gameplay when you kill a mob, these pontis   do appear in the form of small balls that pop up on your screen when you kill someone. There  are a fixed  and  definite number of small balls for  killing a creature in Minecraft. 


A skeleton horse doesn’t consume any food  or  anything of that sort inside the Minecraft  gameplay, no matter if you are in a survival mode or creative mode. 

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