What are the pandas in Minecraft?

What are the pandas in Minecraft?

There are a wide number of species of animals, plants, trees, tools and items in the whole Minecraft gameplay. You will find a great number of alternatives for any particular kind of item there.

You will be really messed up if you think of choosing a single one from the list of those given there. There are many similar creatures in the  Minecraft gameplay that  have similar  appearance, property, and habitat. 

What are the pandas in Minecraft?

Well, here our field of concern limits us to one single creature that is a panada. If you have really thought of knowing the various facts related to pandas in the Minecraft gameplay, then this article is certainly for you. 

In this article given below, we would be following the various facts and information  related to the Panda, so do follow  this article  to the very end in order to get the whole thing done. 

Before we move to the actual process of knowing the varied information about the  pandas in Minecraft, let us consider the varying editions of Minecraft that do allow you to add the pandas into your gameplay. 

The varying editions of  Minecraft that support  the addition of pandas to the gameplay are;

Java Edition- 1.14

Pocket Edition- 1.80

Xbox One- 1.80

PS4- 1.83

Nintendo Switch- 1.80

Windows 10 Edition- 1.80

Education Edition- 1.90

So these were the editions of Minecraft that allow you to add the panda to your gameplay in Minecraft. 

Yes, you could actually add a panda to your farm or  settlement in the gameplay, it is just like a dog that walks in with you to the places that you visit. Moreover, it looks really cool to move  with a panda in the varied cities, landscapes, mountains, forests and other places. 

Let us look at the various qualities of a panda in a structured and predefined order, thus  knowing the various things and facts related to  the panda in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Attack level 

A panda is generally a fun and easy going animal in the Minecraft gameplay but it can sometimes attack you if you make it do that. 

Let us get it straight here, 

There are generally two types of pandas in the  Minecraft gameplay. One is the brown haired pandas, which are really sweet and simple versions of pandas in Minecraft. On the other hand, we have the black and white pandas, they are also quite domestic in nature but are also capable of attacking you in the Survival mode. 

The black and white pandas do not attack you in the creative mode, they only attack you inside the survival mode that too when you hit them in the first place. Therefore, the white and black pandas are considered to be the aggressive ones. 

There is a certain order of arranging the animals and creatures in the Minecraft gameplay based on their behavior and ability to attack the players in Minecraft. 

Here, the two distinct types of pandas have two different hostility levels or attacking levels in the gameplay. 

The brown pandas that are really sweet, cone under the passive mob category of hostility level. This is the same level that is given to the cows, goats and other animals that do not attack anybody in the gameplay. 

A brown panda is generally a playful, lazy, and easy going creature in the  gameplay that  won’t disturb or hurt you in any form. 

The aggressive pandas are the ones that are really capable of hurting you if you hurt them in the first place. They would also hurt you in the survival mode of the Minecraft gameplay. They fall under the category of neutral mob inside the Minecraft gameplay. This is the same category of hostility level that contains dogs, and other similar animals in the gameplay as  well. 

So, that was about the attacking level of the pandas in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Now coming onto the next categorical inscription of  the pandas in Minecraft, we  have;

Health points

Talking about the health points of the pandas in Minecraft, we can say that the pandas have normal or average health points in the Minecraft gameplay. A panda consists of about 10 heart points in the gameplay, where each heart point holds about two of the health points in the gameplay, so we can say that the panda has a total of about 20 health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Which implies that the particular player would need to damage the overall 20 health points of the panda in Minecraft, so as to force him to die. Which is not that simple, so a panda has  fairly normal health points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

So that was about the health points of the panda in Minecraft. 

Finding the Pandas

When it comes to finding the andas in  the  Minecraft gameplay, there are some ascertain places where you can actually locate and collect them. 

The most common place, where you can generally find a panda inside the Minecraft gameplay is the Bamboo jungle biome. 

If you see  a bamboo jungle biome inside the gameplay, then you are certain to find a panda lurking somewhere in between the bamboo trees. 

Thereby, you can actually force them to follow you to your place, if you hold the bamboo in your hand. This way you can easily carry the panda to your own settlement or house in the Minecraft gameplay. A panda would make  a great  companion in the  gameplay, by following you to every single place that you visit there. 

There are various other ways of finding and adding the panda to your house or  settlement in Minecraft. A panda can also be called or  added to the gameplay by either using the  summon command or by using the spawn egg. 

You can easily use the summon command in the Minecraft gameplay to request the Minecraft for providing a panda to your place. 

Or  you can use the spawn egg to  produce  your own panda that will be added to your place afterwards. 

So, that was about finding the pandas in Minecraft. 

Attacking way

As we have discussed earlier in the process as well, the panda can not  really harm or attack you in the Minecraft gameplay. And if you try to attack or cause harm to the panda in the gameplay, then it would really run away from you. So you can move around the panda in  the Minecraft gameplay without getting a thought of getting attacked by it there. 

But an aggressive panda can harm or attack you in the Minecraft gameplay, that too in the survival mode if you harm it in the very first place. Thereby it would scratch you with the nails in there. 

So that was about the attacking  way of  the  Panda in Minecraft. 


Here the term drop refers to the varied list of items that you can collect from a  creature in Minecraft, when it dies in the gameplay. 

When you kill a panda or it gets killed somehow, it drops a bamboo at the exact spot where it has been killed. 

There, you need to collect the bamboo right when it has been dropped in the gameplay, or it would disappear after some time if you do not pick it. 

So that was all about the panda in Minecraft. 

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