what is an elder guardian in Minecraft?

what is an elder guardian in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about exploring the varying landscapes, effects, tools, items, and features. The game does contain a wide list of effects and items that allow you to perform such wonderful and really cool tricks and techniques in the Minecraft gameplay,

An elder guardian is a one such feature of the Minecraft gameplay. It looks like a  large vending machine with an armored feature. 

In this article given below, we will be knowing about the varying effects of an Elder guardian in the Minecraft gameplay. So do follow  this  article to the very end, in order to get a full description of the topic. 

what is an elder guardian in Minecraft?

Before we get to know the Elder guardian feature that we see in the Minecraft gameplay, let us consider the varying editions of Minecraft, where we can actually find and  explore the elder guardian feature. 

The following editions of Minecraft that do support the elder guardian feature are;

Java Edition- 1.8

Pocket Edition- 0.16

Xbox One- TU31

Xbox 360- CU19

PS3- 1.22

PS4- 1.22

Wii U- Patch 3

Nintendo Switch

Windows 10 Edition- 0.16

Education Edition- 0.16

So these were the editions of Minecraft that do support the elder guardian feature in Minecraft. 

Elder guardian

An elder guardian is a rectangle shaped three dimensional structure that performs distinct functions of a light stationary amour in the Minecraft gameplay. This mechanical structure looks like a large vending machine with a real artillery system support. 

Here is the categorical description of  the  elder guardian feature that you get to experience in  the gameplay. 

Attack level 

An attack level is the relative measure of the attacking capabilities of the tool or item in the Minecraft gameplay. The measure of attacking ability has been divided into some specific levels where each level is associated with some similar quality featured tools and items. 

An elder guardian comes under a hostile mob level of items and tools in the Minecraft gameplay. The hostile mob level consists of a group of some similar tools that are capable of inflicting some really adverse damage. 

As we discussed in the earlier step as well, the Elder Guardian can place subsequent  harm to the subject by firing the laser, and performing some really dangerous actions. 

Though the elder guardian is considered a hostile mob in terms of attack level or hostility level, it does have two distinct roles in the varying editions of Minecraft. The elder does attack and harms the players and other things in  the  survival mode, but it does not affect or attack anyone in the creative mode of the gameplay. 

Power points/ health points

The power points or health points refer to the  relative measure of the item or tool’s health position. Every single element or object has a definite level of health, to which it can resist death or temporary damage from the gameplay. 

An elder guardian does possess a total of about 20 health points in the gameplay, where each health point is divided further into some 2 heart points that a single health point contains 2 heart points. Therefore an elder guardian consists or holds a total of about 40 heart  points in the Minecraft gameplay. 

Thereby, you will have to attack an elder guardian in such a manner for killing that it loses about 40 heart points or 40 health points. Then only you will be able to defeat an elder guardian in the Minecraft gameplay. 

You need to remember this thing in the Minecraft gameplay for killing an elder guardian that is  attacking you in the gameplay. 

Now that we have known the attack mode and heath points of an elder guardian in Minecraft, it’s that we also know about the location of it, as we cannot easily create it in the gameplay by using any method. Rather we do need to find and collect them in Minecraft. 


The location refers to the position or proximity, where you can actually locate an elder guardian for adding it to your gameplay. 

An elder can be easily found  in the  following given locations of Minecraft. 

Generally the elder guardians do occur inside the various oceans monuments that are  scattered around the varying oceans in Minecraft, those are;

  • Deep ocean biomes
  • Deep lukewarm ocean biomes
  • Deep cold ocean biomes

So, the deep ocean biomes, deep lukewarm ocean biomes, and deep cold ocean biomes do contain the elder guardian in Minecraft. There, you can find the elder guardian in the ocean monument that  is  also  referred to as guardian of the temples.

Other than the process of finding the elder  guardian in Minecraft, you also do have some  other means of adding an elder guardian to  your gameplay. 

The other ways of adding  an elder guardian  are by either using a command to call the elder guardian onto your gameplay or by using a spawn egg for creating it in your  respective gameplay. 

Attacking mode

An attacking mod refers to the mode classifying the various elements in  the  Minecraft gameplay based on their respective behavior and attacking ability. 

Talking of the elder guardian in Minecraft, we  can say that the elder guardian dies has an active attacking mode. It can use some distinct  techniques to inflict damage and attack the opponent in the gameplay. 

It can either attack you with a surging beam of laser, or with a seeming thorn attack, or with the Mining  effect. 

So these are the varying modes of attack that  are used by the  elder guardian to attack someone in the gameplay. 

Drop items

Drop items are those items that remain on the ground when killing an element in the Minecraft gameplay. When you kill an element it does leave some basic items or tools on the ground. You can pick them up and add them to  your gameplay for using them afterwards. 

The items that you get  to see on the ground when an elder guardian dies in front of you  are;

  • Prismarine shards 
  • Prismarine crystals
  • Raw fish 
  • Wet sponges

So these were the items that you can collect from the ground after an elder guardian dies. 

You need to collect those items as soon as possible, because they easily vanish after some time. 

  • Collect the available items and add them to the inventory by following the  respective step or gesture in your mobile for doing so. 

Here, you have collected the required items  onto your inventory in Minecraft from the remains of an elder guardian. 

Experience points

Now coming onto the most important thing to know of the elder guardian, which is the  respective level that you need to possess so  as to have it in your gameplay. 

According to the experience point arrangement system you need to have at least some specified experience points. 

You earn or receive experience points in the  Minecraft gameplay by either killing mobs or by playing the game game for a while. When you  kill someone in the gameplay, you see some balls appear on your screen. You need to pick them up  and add them to the  inventory. Thereafter, you get some experience points, which you can use to get some tools or items in your gameplay. 

So that was all about the elder guardian in Minecraft. 

Follow the links given below for getting a  similar guide to the processes of adding items  and tools to your gameplay in Minecraft. 

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