What is Power enchantment in Minecraft?

What is Power enchantment in Minecraft? 

Well, you have often heard your friend or someone on social media talk about the  enormous power being added to a bow or some other tool. He must have enclosed in one of his encounters that the power enchantment adds a considerable value to the bow or tool. What is Power enchantment in Minecraft? 

A power enchantment does increase the viability of the respective tool, thereby increasing the damage caused by those tools to your opponent. If you think of adding the power enchantment to your tool in the Minecraft gameplay, then this article is  certainly for you. 

What is Power enchantment in Minecraft? 

In this article given below, we will be  considering the various aspects of using a power enchantment in the Minecraft gameplay. So do follow this article to the very end, so as to get the whole process of enchanting the tool with power. 

Before we move to the power enchantment thing, let us consider the varied editions of  Minecraft that contain that support the process of adding power enchantment to the tools in Minecraft. 

The various editions that support the power  edition feature in the Minecraft gameplay are;

Java Edition- 1.1

Pocket Edition

Xbox 360

Xbox One



Wii U

Nintendo Switch

Windows 10 Edition

Education Edition

So, these are the varied editions of Minecraft that allow you to apply the power enchantment feature to a tool in the Minecraft gameplay.

Now that we have known the required editions, let us consider the various associated with the Power enchantment in Minecraft. 

Power Enchantment

The  power enchantment provides an special ability to the required tool that enables it to inflict larger damages onto any mob or opponent in Minecraft. 

When you use an enchantment tool to attack someone in the gameplay, then the damage  that it would be causing, will be certainly higher than that same tool without enchantment. 

There are various processes of adding the power enchantment to a particular tool in Minecraft. 

The first and the most regular way of adding the power enchantment to a  particular tool is by using the Enchanting table. An enchanting table allows you to combine the required element and the tool with the ascertain enchantment. 

The other ways of adding the power enchantment to the required tool are by either using the anvil or by game command. There are various set commands in the Minecraft gameplay for performing the required action in the Minecraft gameplay. Such as there title commands for displaying the title or name of a player, and there are locate commands for locating the coordinates of a required place. 

There is this thing with the power enchanting a required tool, you can only enchant a tool certain times until it reaches a certain level that   has been assigned to it in the Minecraft gameplay. Every enchantment has its own level upto which you can enchant it, after that tool reaches the number of levels required for that  ascertain enchantment, you are not able to enchant it any further. You can only enchant a  required tool with power enchantment for upto 5 levels. 

If you have enchanted your tool in Minecraft by following one of the ways of power enchanting, you can move to the other process, which is adding the enchantment. 

Now, if you haven’t enchanted your tool in Minecraft, then you can easily do so by following the link given below. 

How to enchant in the Enchanting table? 

Now that you have enchanted the required tool in the enchanting table, you need to add the enchantments that you have added. 

You have to use the tool once after adding the required enchantments to the tool, then only  that enchantment would work in that tool. 

First of all, you need to hold the tool on your hand in the Minecraft gameplay by following the  respective steps or gesture. 

For holding the tool in your hand, select the tool from the bar, present on the bottom of the  screen in your device or edition of Minecraft.

 Thereafter, you need to use that required tool for successfully using the power enchantment and thereby enabling the power enchantments  as well. 

  • Follow the required steps or gestures in your respective device or edition of Minecraft for using that toll. 

Suppose, you have enchanted the bow with the  power enchantment then you need to use that bow there by following the required step or  gesture there. 

Thereby you will notice that the damage caused by the bow has increased subsequently from that caused by the same bow before. 

Here, you have successfully enchanted the required tool with power enchantment in Minecraft. 

So that was all about knowing  the power  enchantment in Minecraft. 

Follow the links given below for getting a similar guide to the various processes of adding the tools and feature in Minecraft. 

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