What  is Punch in Minecraft? 

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What  is Punch in Minecraft? 

There are a large number of strange features or effects that you could possibly come across in the Minecraft gameplay. One of such really amazing features is the enchantment feature in the Minecraft gameplay. There are different kinds of enchantments in the gameplay that perform the required functions accordingly. 

While some enchantments enhance the ability, strength, or chances of your respective tool or item in various ways. On the other hand, there are enchantments that subsequently charm or spell some tools or items in the gameplay for affecting the player who uses them. 

What  is Punch in Minecraft

In this article given below, we will consider the various things related to the punch enchantment in the Minecraft gameplay. So do follow this article to the very end, in order to get the whole thing done. 

Let us consider the varying editions of Minecraft that do support the feature of the punch enchantment in Minecraft, before moving to the Punch Enchantment in Minecraft. 

The editions of Minecraft that do support the 

feature of the punch enchantment in Minecraft are;

Java Edition(PC/Mac)

Pocket Edition(PE)

Xbox 360

Xbox One, PS3


Wii U

Nintendo Switch

Windows 10 Edition

Education Edition

So these were the respective editions of Minecraft that allow you to enjoy the Punch enchantment feature in Minecraft. 

Punch Enchantment

The punch enchantment is one of the most unique and quite interesting enchantments in the  whole gameplay. The punch enchantment subsequently increases the dealt knockback on sone item or tool when you attack with a bow or arrow in the gameplay. 

This implies that the bow that has been enchanted with the punch enchantment will make the tool or item bounce off from its place when you or some other player or any mob attacks it with a bow or arrow in the gameplay. 

There are various ways by which you can actually enchant  the bows in the Minecraft gameplay. 

You can enchant a bow  with the required punch enchantment in the Anvil, or Enchanting table, or game command.

There is this thing with the power enchanting a required tool, you can only enchant a tool certain times until it reaches a certain level that   has been assigned to it in the Minecraft gameplay. Every enchantment has its own level upto which you can enchant it, after that tool reaches the number of levels required for that  ascertain enchantment, you are not able to enchant it any further. You can only enchant a  required tool with power enchantment for upto 3 levels. 

That means you can use the punch enchantment on a certain bow in the gameplay for about three consecutive times. After that the bow will not respond to the punch enchantment in the gameplay. 

If you have enchanted your tool in Minecraft by following one of the ways of power enchanting, then you need to activate the required punch enchantment in your gameplay by using the bow once on some tool or item. 

Activating the punch enchantment

Now that you have enchanted the required bow in the gameplay, it’s time that you activate  the punch enchantment on that bow. 

You have to use the bow once after adding the required enchantments in your respective gameplay then only  that enchantment would work on that bow. 

First of all, you need to hold the rewuired bow on your hand in the Minecraft gameplay by following the  respective steps or gesture. 

What  is Punch in Minecraft

For holding the bow in your hand, select the tool from the bar, present on the bottom of the  screen in your device or edition of Minecraft.

Thereafter, you need to use that required tool for successfully using punch enchantment and thereby enabling the enchantments  as well. 

  • Follow the required steps or gestures in your respective device or edition of Minecraft for using the bow on some tool. . 

Suppose, you have enchanted the bow with the punch enchantment on a cow in your  gameplay. 

What  is Punch in Minecraft

Then you will notice that  the vow will bounce off from its place and move backward. 

Here, you have successfully enchanted the required bow with punch enchantment in Minecraft. 

So that was all about knowing the punch  enchantment in Minecraft. 

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