Looting in Minecraft

How to Use the XP Command in Minecraft

Enchantments are special powers that players can apply to tools, weapons, and armor in Minecraft to make them stronger and provide special effects. This could come in handy for the gamers as they try to battle the Ender Dragon boss. Looting in Minecraft

In Minecraft, there are a variety of enchantments to choose from. An enchanting table or an anvil can be used to obtain enchantments. Both of these things require enchantment levels in order to be used. The looting enchantment can be obtained in an enchanted book or on an enchanting table throughout the Minecraft universe.

Some enchantments in Minecraft will be unique to individual weapons. Looting enchantment, for example, is exclusively applicable to swords. A pickaxe cannot be used to carry the loot. Looting is a useful enchantment to have on a sword in Minecraft.

Looting in Minecraft

In Minecraft, the idea is to collect the best items and create a character with the most specced-out horde. You mine, scavenge, and craft in order to obtain greater treasure and upgrade your appearance, feel, and performance. The enchantment of Looting looks to be significant support of the latter claim.

The three types of drops in the game are generally known: common, uncommon, and rare. You have a 50% chance of acquiring loot when you kill enemies without having Looting on your blade. The loot could be rare or common. However, if you enable this perk, you can substantially alter the odds in your favor by forcing the system to offer you more regular and uncommon drops.

This enchantment has a maximum level of III. When compared to a regular Netherite sword, uncommon drops have a 75% chance of appearing. The enchantment works by increasing the number of attempts at a drop.

You have a 50% chance of acquiring loot when you kill a mob.

If the precalculations show that you won’t, the Looting enchantment will try again to get a drop of the killed enemy. There’s still a chance you won’t get any drops, but it’s better to have two chances than one.

Not only does looting influence kills with the enchanted item in the main hand, but it also affects kills without it.  For example, to get the Looting effect, a player can fire a projectile then swap to the Looting item before it reaches the target, or shoot a projectile from the off-hand [Java Edition only] while holding a Looting item in the main hand. This means that Looting can be used on arrows or thrown tridents as long as the player is holding the Looting item at the time the arrow or trident lands.

Looting in Minecraft

Mobs killed by a sweep attack are subject to looting. [Only available in Java Edition]

Although in some circumstances, looting has no effect:

  • This enchantment has no effect on mobs that don’t drop anything, such as bats, bees, or endermites.
  • This enchantment has no effect on withers, iron golems, or snow golems.
  • Looting has no effect on the number of fish dropped by fish mobs (guardians and elder guardians are not considered fish mobs, and Looting does cause them to drop more fish).
  • When used on a fox, looting does not raise the drop quantity, but it does increase the likelihood of a drop.
  • It has no effect on the amount of wool shed by sheep.
  • An elder guardian’s sponge drop is unaffected.
  • It has no effect on evoker-dropped totems of the undead.
  • It has no effect on how many skulls wither skeletons drop, but it does improve their chances of dropping one.

Items that can be enchanted with Looting

You can enchant any type of Sword with the Looting enchantment.

  • Diamond Sword
  • Golden Sword
  • Iron Sword
  • Stone Sword
  • Wooden sword
  • Netherite Sword

How to get Looting Enchantment in Minecraft?

The looting enchantment can be obtained in a variety of ways. Some of the ways to gain loot in Minecraft are listed here.

  • Trading with a Villager

Finding a villager, turning them into a librarian, and trading with them till you get looting is one of the most typical methods. Repeat the approach with a different villager if the first refuses to offer you anything.

This method, while simple, necessitates a large number of trading items such as papers, books, bookshelves, emeralds, and so on.

  • Using Enchantment Table

The most favored approach is to use the Enchantment Table to enchant your tool/book till you get looting enchant, as all you need are books, an enchantment table, and a lot of XP.

All you have to do to find looting through the enchantment table is:

  1. Take a stack of books and some Lapis Lazuli with you.
  2. Use Lapis to enchant one book with any enchantment you see in the choice.
  3. Repeat with each book until you’ve gotten Looting I or better.

You can also use the Grindstone to disenchant undesired enchanted books in exchange for XP if you don’t have enough. You can also use your sword to accomplish the same thing. You can either employ a large number of swords or disenchant a single blade after each enchantment until it has the looting enchant.

  • Using an Anvil

Four iron ingots and three iron blocks are used to make anvils. Enchantment levels and an enchanted book are all that is required to enchant an anvil. Players can find a wide selection of enchanted books all throughout the world. 

  • Looting Chests near Spawners

When you go to the mines or into a spawner cave, there’s a considerable possibility you’ll stumble across chests full of useful items. Keep a lookout for such chests, as they may include a looting book (however rarely).

  • Fishing

You will be able to discover an enchanted book with looting, as strange as it may sound. All you need is a fishing rod (ideally one with the Sea’s luck) and some water. Keep fishing until you find anything worth looting. Fortunately for you, this method also offers a slew of additional rare items, particularly if you’ve enchanted your rod with the Sea’s luck.

In survival mode, this procedure uses the fewest resources possible to find uncommon objects, but it can also be a time-consuming chore.

How to use Looting Enchantment?

To boost the drop rate of a mob, simply strike it down with your Minecraft enchanted sword. You don’t have to use the blade to kill the mob; for example, you can fire a projectile and switch to the enchanted sword before it hits and destroys the mob, and the looting enchantment in Minecraft will still work.

This enables you to benefit from the enchantment while utilizing ranged weapons such as arrows and tridents.

Sword enchantments, like all sorcery, have several levels. The amount of stuff you get depends on the enchantment level you’ve employed. The drops are increased by one percentage point for each level. In Minecraft, for example, a level III looting enchantment will increase your drop rate by 3%.

Let us demonstrate what occurs when we attack a witch with a Looting-enchanted sword.

When the witch is killed, she will drop a greater number of items than usual. The witch has dropped three spider eyes, as you can see.

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