Poison in Minecraft

Poison in Minecraft

Poison causes harm over time and reduces the player’s health to 1 (), but it does not kill them. It is obtained through a variety of creatures and objects.

It can be treated with milk, honey, or an antidote.

Poison in Minecraft


The effective rate of damage is 12 ticks (0.8 per second) due to damage immunity.

The effective rate of damage is 10 ticks (1 per second) due to damage immunity.

On tough mode, the player’s hearts change yellow-green.

When the afflicted entity reaches 1 () health, the harm stops, but it can continue if the affected creature heals and reaches more than 1 () health before the effect expires.

Amplifiers beyond the 0–31 range (corresponding to levels 1–32) are modulo 32 processed (as though reduced by 32 until they are within the range, or alternatively as the remainder from division by 32, i.e. 33 or 65 is treated as 1).

Drinking milk or honey might help to counteract the impact. When education settings are selected in the Education and Bedrock versions, drinking antidote also eliminates poison. ‌

CausePotencyLengthLifetime damageNotes
Potion of PoisonI0:4536♥ × 18
Potion of Poison (extended)I1:30‌2:00‌72♥ × 36‌96♥ × 48‌
Potion of Poison IIII0:21‌0:22‌35♥ × 17.5‌36♥ × 18‌
Splash Potion of PoisonI0:45‌]0:33‌36♥ × 18‌26♥ × 13‌If their target has 8 or more health, witches will use this splash potion.
Splash Potion of Poison (extended)I1:3072♥ × 36
Splash Potion of Poison IIII0:21‌0:16‌35♥ × 17.5‌26♥ × 13‌
Lingering Potion of PoisonI0:118♥♥♥♥
Lingering Potion of Poison (extended)I0:22‌0:30‌17♥ × 8.5‌24♥ × 12‌
Lingering Potion of Poison IIII0:058♥♥♥♥
Arrow of PoisonI0:054♥♥
Arrow of Poison (extended)I0:11‌0:15‌8♥♥♥‌12♥ × 6‌
Arrow of Poison IIII0:023♥♥
CookieI0:4536♥ × 18Only parrots are affected. Other than the particles, it has no impact because the parrot is instantaneously slain.
Poisonous PotatoI0:054♥♥60% chance
PufferfishII1:0048♥ × 24
Suspicious StewI0:129♥♥♥♥♥It must be made from a Lily of the Valley flower.
Suspicious StewI0:1411♥ × 5.5Expert farmer villagers traded
Spider EyeI0:042♥When eaten, they drop venom from spiders.
Cave SpiderI0:07 (normal difficulty)0:15 (hard difficulty)5♥♥♥ (normal difficulty)12♥ × 6 (hard difficulty)When it strikes an entity, it gives
PufferfishI0:03 (partially inflated)0:06 (fully inflated)2♥ (partially inflated)4♥♥ (fully inflated)Only when touched.
BeeI0:10 (normal difficulty)0:18 (hard difficulty)8♥♥♥♥ (normal difficulty)14♥ × 7 (hard difficulty)Given when it attacks an entity

‌Mobs with immunity

Poison has no effect on boss monsters, zombie mobs, spiders, or cave spiders. In Java Edition, witches are 85 percent resistant to Poison harm and totally immune in Bedrock Edition.

There are several potions available to help you in Minecraft. Some potions benefit you, such as rapid healing or strength, while others injure you, such as weakening or harming. The poison potion is one of the potions that might injure you, but it can also be the correct potion to make in the proper occasion.

Here’s a tutorial to teaching you how to make your own poison potion.

Ingredients Required for Poison Potion

  • Brewing stand
  • Bottle of water
  • Nether wart
  • Spider eye

In Minecraft, how do you make a poison potion?


Open the brewing stand to prepare a Potion of Poison. Place your water bottle in one of the bottom three boxes in the brewing stand UI. Then, in the top box, insert a nether wart and wait for the arrow to completely fill up. Now you must insert your spider eye in the top box of the brewing stand’s user interface. The uncomfortable potion will convert into a Potion of Poison after a few seconds (0:45).

The following is a step-by-step instruction to making a Potion of Poison in Minecraft:

Step-1 Making a poison potion in Minecraft is actually a lot easier than it appears. The first thing you need do is get a brewing stand.

The simplest option is to enter the abyss and extinguish a fire. This will drop a blazing rod, which you may combine with three pieces of cobblestone to make a brewing stand.

Step-2 You must return to the nether and locate a nether wart after you have your brewing station. You can make an uncomfortable potion with the nether wart and your water bottle. The most basic form of potion is the awkward one. They have no effect, however they may be used to construct any potion in the game. You can use this tutorial if you need help making an odd potion.

Step-3 You must return your uncomfortable potion to your brewing stand now that you have it. After that, you must travel out into your environment in search of a spider eye. Spider eyes are a type of drop that spiders may produce. To make a poison potion, you just need one spider eye.

Step-4 Now that you have your spider eye, you must place it in the top box of the brewing stand’s user interface. The uncomfortable potion will transform into a poison potion after around 20 seconds.

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