Feather Falling in Minecraft

Feather Falling in Minecraft

Having saying that, players that have Feather Falling should use caution. While the enchantment shields players against some harm, it may not shield them from all of it. As a result, players should avoid jumping off sky bases unless they have the highest degree of Feather Falling enchantment on them. Feather Falling in Minecraft

Feather Falling is a Minecraft enchantment that lowers the amount of damage taken by falls.

Feather Falling in Minecraft

What exactly does it do?

As previously stated, Feather Falling lowers the amount of damage taken by falls.

Feather Falling decreases the amount of damage taken by a player by 12% for each level of enchantment. This signifies that the enchantment decreases a player’s fall damage by up to 48%.

The Feather Falling enchantment may only be applied on boots and is quite useful for players that want to mine in high places.

Feather Falling also lessens the amount of damage dealt by ender pearl transportations. Ender pearls are endermen-dropped objects that allow gamers to teleport. When using ender pearls to teleport, players will receive 2 12 heart damage.

When utilising the ender pearl, having Feather Falling equipped decreases the amount of damage taken.

How to Locate Feather Falling

Feather Falling may be obtained by a Minecraft enchantment table, anvil, or by using a game command. It’s one of the most difficult enchantments to get from an enchantment table.

Players should position as many bookcases as possible around the enchantment table to maximise their chances of achieving Feather Falling.

Levels of enchantment

Feather Falling has four degrees of enchantment. Level 1 provides 12 percent protection, Level 2 provides 24 percent protection, Level 3 provides 36 percent protection, and Level 4 provides complete protection at 48 percent.

Players can tumble from higher platforms as their enchantment level increases.